BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02: E study for the 125 class

With the CE 02 study, BMW is showing at the IAA how an electric scooter for the 125 class should be imagined. The focus is on newcomers, but drivers could also switch with the B196 license.

BMW is successful in the two-wheeler business - but so far only very expensive and also high-class. With the CE 02 electric scooter study, BMW is now also targeting the next generation of two-wheelers. Located in the 125 class, which is already accessible to 16-year-olds, the kids should be introduced to the brand and ideally also be bound to the brand. 125s are also booming among drivers since the with the B196 license can easily switch to two-wheelers.

Enough for commuting

BMW doesn't want the Concept CE 02 to be seen as a classic motorcycle or a typical scooter. According to the people from Munich, the CE 02 is a highly emotional mobility offer. With its two wheels, however, it is clearly a single-track vehicle. And with its 11 kW electric drive, it clearly falls into the 125 class and thus under the A1 driver's license. The new electromobility is thus open to 16-year-olds, but also to older car switchers with a B196 license . BMW itself prefers the next generation, but shouldn't reject car customers either.,

The area of ​​application for the 120-kilogram BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is clearly defined: city traffic and short-distance commuters. A top speed of 90 km/h and a range of up to 90 kilometers are definitely sufficient for this. Whether young or old, the BMW CE 02 is always hip on its two 15-inch disc wheels with balloon tires. The further structure is simple. A flat oval forms the backbone of the frame of the CE 02. The battery pack hangs underneath and the drive is flanged to it. At the front, the bike sits between the spars of a fat USD fork. The rear wheel is guided by a single-sided swingarm, through the profile of which the electric motor directs the drive power to the rear wheel via a toothed belt. The spring strut, which is installed almost horizontally, is on the left-hand side and is supported directly on the main frame. A single disc on each wheel – at the front with a radially mounted brake caliper – ensures deceleration.

It's not just the seating position that's cool

The silicone-covered seat has a seat height of just 730 millimeters and allows extremely variable seating positions. If required, there is also enough space for a passenger. Small luggage can be stowed in the space between the seat and the frame. In the front area of ​​the seat, two crossed rubber bands hold small items in place. The bracket under the battery, on which the front footrests are also mounted, offers additional storage space. As a design gimmick, BMW brought in a skateboard that acts as a running board.

The headlight is presented as a bundle of four striking LED elements.The rear light consists of two small, translucent LED leaves that are fixed to the left and right side of the rear seat. A small color display on the handlebar satisfies the basic need for vehicle displays. The cranked handlebars themselves ensure a relaxed seating position.

The puristic color concept relies on black and silver. A large typo draws the name 02 on the battery element. This leaves room for further customization measures by the driver.

The Concept CE 02 is just a study. However, one can assume that, as with the Electric Scooter CE 04 , the concept will soon be followed by a production model that has hardly changed. The temptation to enter the booming 125 market is simply too great for BMW too.,


With an electric scooter, BMW clearly has the two-wheeler offspring in mind. The CE 02 fits perfectly into the 125 class and the A1 driver's license. An absolute boom segment from which BMW said goodbye years ago with the C1 scooter. A boom segment into which many drivers are also switching. The study is therefore likely to be followed by a production version.


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