BMW M stands by the manual transmission

Even if there are many technical arguments against a manual transmission, the fans want to change gears themselves - and BMW M GmbH is preparing for this.

At BMW M GmbH, too, we know that manual transmissions are heavier, shift more slowly and are now lagging behind their automated alternatives in terms of their impact on fuel consumption. "From a technical point of view, there is little reason to stick with it," BMW M boss Franciscus van Meel told British Autocar. But many customers love manual gear changes and that's why BMW M wants to stick with manual transmissions for as long as possible - at least as an option to the better automatic.

Customers want to switch gears

Van Meel refers to the new BMW M2 , which will not be launched until autumn. Around half of all pre-orders in the main market, the USA, are already opting for a manual transmission. You'd rather want the six-speed manual than the eight-speed automatic. Van Meel only sees the end of the manual transmission when emission regulations no longer allow its use, but at the latest when only electric vehicles are driven gave preference. For many M fans, however, a manual transmission is simply part of the perfect driving experience.,

BMW M currently offers the M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupé with manual transmission.,


Opinions have been divided on the subject of manual or automatic for a long time. Technically, the manual gearbox seems to be outdated, but sports drivers still don't want to give up manual gear changes. BMW M listens to its customers and also gives them what they want.


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