BMW and Daimler launch Charge Now charging service

Joint offer for charge management
Subscriptions & booklets

D he two German premium manufacturers Daimler and BMW are treading a common path in the field of modern mobility solutions. Not only the car sharing fleets, which were previously known as Car2go (Daimler) and DriveNow (BMW), are grouped under the Share Now brand, but also offers for finding a parking space, linking different transport systems (taxi, local public transport, car, etc. ) Ride-hailing and charge management.

The latter will be combined in a joint venture called Charge Now. Users of this service can supply their electric vehicle or their plug-in hybrids with electricity at public charging stations in Germany and abroad without having to worry about the different local access authorizations and billing systems.

Access to 100,000 charging points for E-cars

Charging points from over 250 operators should be accessible with the Charge Now customer card or the corresponding smartphone app, which will also control the billing of charges.

BMW and Daimler promise the availability of 100,000 charging points in 25 countries, including fast chargers with up to 150 kW charging power. This should also enable customers to plan long journeys, for example for going on vacation. the route, including the available charging stations and the respective duration of the stop, can be planned with the navigation device.


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