Blue Moon: Amazon boss presents space freighters

Blue moon should go to the moon
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E There are people who are of the opinion that Amazon is striving for world domination. Not even close. Because Amazon has long been thinking beyond the limits of the earth. At least that's the case with Jeff Bezos, founder and head of the online retailer. Bezos is not only responsible for Amazon, he also founded the space company Blue Origin. That in turn presented its first space freighter named Blue Moon after a good two years of development.

Blue Moon can currently transport 3.6 tons

As the name of the device suggests, Bezos wants it with it head for the moon. Not just like that. He plans to outsource large parts of the industry to the earth's satellite. Due to its low gravity, this is a much better place than Earth, said Bezos at the presentation of the Blue Moon. The aim would therefore be to produce goods on the moon, which Blue Moon then transports to earth. In its current development phase, the space freighter can, according to the company, transport loads of up to 3.6 tons. Or four vehicles that can explore the surface of the moon. A version with a payload of 6.5 tons is already being planned. People should also be able to be transported back and forth between the earth and the moon.

According to its own statements, Blue Origin has already developed an entire family of engines for spacecraft. The BE-7 version is used in the Blue Moon, which is said to develop a force of more than 40 kilonewtons. It uses a combination of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen as fuel. The engine, which Blue Origin would like to offer to other space companies for sale, should be ignited for the first time in the summer.

Countertrade with NASA

“We have to return to the moon - but this time to stay, ”says Bezos. This corresponds well with the current goal of the US government, which wants to send people to the moon again by 2024. US Vice President Mike Pence said in late March that NASA should 'achieve this goal by all means'. Bezos wants to help with the project. “I love this goal,” says the Amazon boss. To achieve this, he has been working with the US space agency since last year. Blue Origin is to develop the landing systems for the lunar surface. In return, NASA should provide technical analyzes and pass on information about potential landing sites on the moon.


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