BASF builds battery recycling plant in Brandenburg

BASF is building a plant in Schwarzheide, Brandenburg, in which up to 15,000 tons of batteries from electric cars can be recycled.

Many raw materials are required for the production of batteries, including lithium and cobalt. With the growing demand for batteries for electric cars, the demands on the industry to feed the power storage into a cycle for reuse are also increasing.

The chemical company BASF is also entering this business. In Schwarzheide, Brandenburg, the company wants to build a plant for recycling black matter from batteries. Black mass is a product that is created at the beginning of the battery recycling process. It contains metals such as lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese.

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Start in 2024

In the BASF plant, which is scheduled to start operations in early 2024, up to 15,000 tons of electric car batteries are to be processed per year. Here the black mass is then hydrometallurgically processed, which means the extraction of the individual metals. 30 new jobs will be created.

With the BASF site in Schwarzheide, the importance of Brandenburg for the electric car industry is growing. About 140 kilometers north, in Grünheide, the US manufacturer Tesla is currently building the Model Y.


BASF plans battery recycling facilities in Schwarzheide. From 2024, up to 15,000 tons of batteries from electric cars are to be fed into the cycle for further use of raw materials.


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