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W as As for automated delivery traffic, it's not the seventh year that darned, it's the last mile. Why? Because every house looks different. Filing a parcel automatically in front of a door is of course not an impossible task. The fact that every entrance area looks different and has different obstacles is more problematic. For this reason, it is still people who drive up with delivery trucks and deliver your shipments. The Continental Corporation has now developed a concept that is supposed to automate the last mile.

Four legs for more stability

Part of the plan are autonomous shuttles that should be on their own lanes . With this, Continental wants to create a seamless transition from long-haul delivery traffic to the said last mile. A four-legged delivery unit, reminiscent of a dog, takes over there. Why are you putting this robot on four legs? Quite simply because it enables it to overcome obstacles such as stairs and landings more safely than a model on two legs or even on wheels. In addition, this design increases the stability and weight of a possible payload.

Even if the robo-dogs within the Continental concept perhaps have the greatest charisma, they are still only a relatively small wheel in the transmission. Ultimately, cities and municipalities as a whole have to change their infrastructure in order to make such a concept a reality. For all 'real' dog owners, the exciting question remains whether the robot postman in the form of a dog is treated with more respect by his own four-legged friend than a postman.


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