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Autonomous delivery vehicles: Amazon plans to acquire Zoox

Amazon plans to take over Zoox
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D he supply chain from the dispatch warehouse to the customer's doorstep is a central component of the online retailer's business model. Above all, the global top dog Amazon leaves hardly anything to chance here. In addition to external service providers such as DHL and Hermes, the company also uses its own delivery service in many markets, which employs subcontractors.

It is hardly surprising that Amazon is also closely monitoring developments in the field of autonomous driving. Because here, as in long-distance transport, the following applies: With self-driving transport vehicles, drivers could take on other logistics tasks on the way. The better used time leads to faster processes and cost savings.

Not the first investment

Before making a profit, you have to invest. The old investor wisdom also applies to tech companies. According to media reports, Amazon is planning such an investment with the purchase of the start-up Zoox.

The company, founded in the USA in 2014, has specialized in the development of electrically powered cars with autonomous driving functions. The takeover of Zoox would be a big step for Amazon in order to further develop the technology required for its own delivery service in-house.

The online retailer, however, as well as when selecting its courier and parcel services here on several pillars. Since 2019, Amazon has also been involved in the Zoox competitor Aurora; it also holds shares in the electric car manufacturer Rivian.


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