Autohero: Used cars with payment upon delivery

The online business in the used car market is booming, buying with a mouse click has long been established. And the payment options for online purchases are also becoming more and more extensive. As an additional service, the online shop Autohero now offers payment for the used car when it is handed over after a detailed check.

GENERALLY, AUTOHERO relies on maximum transparency. All used cars offered by Autohero are checked according to a very extensive checklist, the condition is documented and all relevant information is presented in the online shop's sales offer. Nevertheless, some customers prefer to take a good look at the car they want before buying it. There is now a new service for this at Autohero, payment upon delivery. You can choose between collecting the vehicle at one of the numerous pick-up stations throughout Germany or even having the used vehicle delivered to your front door. ,

SO THE new car owners can check the condition of the vehicle, discuss any signs of use with Autohero during the guided handover, compare it with the online listing and make sure they actually like their dream car before paying the full purchase amount for delivery by Pay immediately. Autohero, Europe's leading online car dealer, relies on a detailed description of the vehicles already on offer, which means that there are no "surprises" for customers. The description of the used car includes the extensive photo documentation, in addition to numerous photos, there are even 360-degree panorama images of the interior of the vehicle available. There are also no secrets in the case of any blemishes, such as a scratch on the interior paneling, which are carefully documented. ,

"BUYING A USED CAR IS a matter of trust, which is why each of our vehicles in the range is checked and prepared, and the vehicle history is also transparently displayed in the online shop," says Hamza Saber, Managing Director of Autohero Germany. "With the new payment option, we are giving our customers even more opportunity to convince themselves of the quality of our used cars before the purchase is finally processed via real-time transfer when the vehicle is delivered to our customers' front door." In addition to the new payment option Various financing options are also available upon handover, such as classic car financing or final installment financing.Customers who choose the flexibility of paying upon handover will continue to benefit from the 21-day money-back guarantee and a one-year guarantee on the vehicle . It is still possible to trade in the old vehicle. The value of the trade-in will be deducted directly from the purchase price - so only the remaining amount is due via real-time transfer.

You can find more information about Autohero here .


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