Audi E-Tron foil: This surfs electrically on vacation

VW boss Herbert Diess said goodbye to his employees on vacation via a video message from an electric surfboard.

Just last week he was still sitting on an electric tractor , now there are pictures of Herbert Diess on a so-called aerofoil surfboard. The bustling VW CEO is circling the Aller in Wolfsburg between the Autostadt and the striking power plant of the VW factory and says goodbye to his employees directly from the board via video message for vacation. That certainly doesn't just make an impression on the younger employees.

E-Tron board for 12,500 euros

The VW boss's willingness to experiment has become notorious. Diess basically drives everything that his giant corporation spits out in terms of mobility - and can be filmed in the process. In-house advertising. An aerofoil board from the VW group? In fact there is. The Audi E-Tron Foil was developed in 2019 by Franz Hofmann, who works as an engineer for the Ingolstadt company. In the meantime, the prototype has become a series sports device that can now be pre-ordered for around 12,500 euros. Speed: up to 50 km/h. The battery lasts for about an hour, the speed is regulated via a remote control that the "Foiler" is holding in his hand.

This means that the fast board is also the cheapest E-Tron you can get from Audi. The so-called foils have revolutionized water sports. From surfboards to sports boats, the relatively small propeller-driven wings hoist hundreds of kilos above the water surface underwater.


Herbert Diess is now playing in the Champions League when it comes to PR. Saying goodbye to a hydrofoil via video message on vacation is something you have to dare to do in such a giant corporation. The message is clear: Look, our employees are free to come up with something like the Audi E-Tron Foil. And if things go well, it will even become a business model.


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