Audi batteries have a second life in Africa

Discarded batteries from Audi electric cars are used to power villages in Africa. They store solar energy generated during the day.

Discarded traction batteries from Audi electric cars are used to power rural areas in Africa. According to a report by the Frankfurter Rundschau, the car manufacturer has concluded a corresponding cooperation agreement with the Africa Green Tec organization.

So-called "Solartainers" from Africa Green Tec can supply entire villages with solar power. The energy generated by sunlight should be stored in the car batteries. It can then be used around the clock, regardless of daylight. The used batteries, which come from Audi E-Tron models, are said to reduce the cost of setting up the solar containers by up to 60 percent when comparing the purchase of a new battery. So far, according to the report, 240 discarded batteries from Audi test vehicles that are no longer required have been delivered to Africa Green Tec.


Used electric car batteries from Audi start their second life in Africa. As part of an initiative to generate electricity from solar energy, they supply entire villages with energy.


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