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"Arena del Futuro": Inductive charging at motorway speed

The Stellantis car company is currently testing inductive charging while driving. With a modified Fiat 500 Elektro and an Iveco E-Way bus, the company is now collecting data on the "Arena del Futuro" race track in Chiari, Italy, which has been converted accordingly.

The DWPT system (Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer) is based on conductor strips under the asphalt and makes it possible to transfer energy to cars, trucks or buses. To do this, the technology can be adapted to all vehicles equipped with a special "receiver" that transfers the energy coming from the road infrastructure directly to the electric motor. The range increases and the vehicle battery is protected.

No danger for passengers and passers-by

The first test results show that the test Fiat can travel at motorway speed without using the energy stored in the battery. Stellantis indicates the efficiency with that of a quick charging station. The magnetic field strength is not dangerous for the vehicle occupants or passers-by.

The 1,050 meter long "Areno del Futuro" is operated with direct current (DC) and has an output of 1 MW. The advantages of DC technology: Less power loss, no conversion from direct to alternating current, thinner cables than with an AC network and the use of aluminum cables. The latter are easy to obtain, cost around half that of copper cables and are easier to recycle.

In addition to being used on motorways, the DWPT technology can be used for static and dynamic charging on other roads, at airports, parking lots and other large areas.


Charging e-cars while driving: Stellantis is testing inductive charging at motorway speed on a converted race track - apparently with the first positive results. With this technology you definitely take away the fear of range and can also use it dynamically and statically in various places. What remains are the external and expensive conversion of streets and areas.


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