Anyone who drives a VW Golf collects map data

VW and Bosch collaborate on the development of high-resolution maps. The current VW Golf 8 collects data and sends it anonymously via the cloud.

High-resolution maps are a central building block for automated and fully autonomous driving. The information required for this is collected on the road.

The automotive supplier Bosch is cooperating with VW for its technology called "Bosch Strassensignatur". The still best-selling car in Germany, the VW Golf, supplies the swarm data for the development of the high-resolution maps.

The production cars use their sensors to collect information on traffic signs, crash barriers, curbs or lane markings while driving. This data is uploaded anonymously via the VW Cloud. On this basis, Bosch develops the required cards.

First use from 2023

The goal is to orientate automated cars even in adverse weather conditions, when their cameras and sensors can only see traffic signs and other objects in their vicinity to a limited extent. Based on the Bosch road signature, the cars of the future should be able to orient themselves with decimeter precision.

The corresponding data is currently being generated via the Golf fleet, further models from Wolfsburg are to follow. In 2023, the first services for automated driving using the high-resolution maps are to come onto the market.


VW and Bosch are collaborating to develop high-resolution maps for automated driving. Golf drivers are currently collecting relevant information that is passed on anonymously.


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