AMG models with autonomous drift function

Mercedes-AMG has the technical capabilities to equip future electric AMG models with a drift function.

According to development boss Jörg Bartels, it is technically possible to implement autonomous drifting in future high-performance vehicles. "An automatic drift mode? Yes!" he told the Australian magazine "Carsales", adding that electric cars with two or four electric motors offer the ideal platform for such a function.

Drive-by-wire is a must

"We can do that because we always know what driving situation the car is in," he said. "Besides torque vectoring you also need drive-by-wire because you have to take the steering away from the driver," he explained and concluded. "Maybe that's yet to come."

The drive of the new Mercedes EQG with its four electric motors could not only enable the G-Turn - i.e. turning on the spot - in the future, but also provide the technical basis for autonomous drifting. According to Bartels, this is an example of how innovative electric drive technologies can herald a new era in performance vehicles.

Just for fun

However, he also admitted that many of the new upcoming features are just for fun - this also applies to the G-Turn. "That's something you would show your neighbors, but it's not for tough conditions or for dynamic driving," said the Benz development boss.

,You can see what the future of AMG looks like in the slide show - there we show you the Mercedes Vision AMG.


Mercedes Head of Development Jörg Bartels can imagine an autonomous drift mode – the Mercedes EQG with its four electric motors already offers the technology for this. However, such EV features are only for fun ... yes, for what else?!?!?


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