Amazon Scout: Field trial with delivery robot starts

Amazon Scout
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T he online retailer Amazon starts testing new delivery robots. For this purpose, the Amazon Scout was developed, a purely electrically powered and fully autonomous mini vehicle on six wheels.

Initially, six of the Amazon Scout robots are to be in Snohomish County in the US state of Washington, near Seattle, Deliver goods to customers. The Amazon Scout is supposed to find its way to the customer independently, but is always accompanied by a guard at the trial stage. Driving is only on footpaths. First of all, the delivery trips are limited to the period Monday to Friday and only during the day.

Nothing changes for the customer when ordering. He still determines his preferred delivery option and, depending on the goods and availability, an Amazon Scout is used. When the customer arrives, the cover of the Scout opens and the customer can take out his package.

The Amazon Scout, which should have a cube format of around 60 to 70 cm edge length, is very similar to the delivery robot of the Estonian start Ups Starship from the Skype founder, in which Daimler is also involved.


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