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N oh a not so glorious back and forth about one Adjustment of the environmental bonus for electric cars and plug-in hybrids, it is now done. The European Commission has no objections, and thus the funding amounts increase depending on the net list price of the targeted vehicle 6,000 euros (for e-cars up to a maximum of 40,000 euros) or 5,000 euros (for e-cars over 40,000 and up to a maximum of 65,000 euros net) List price). For plug-in hybrids, the sums are 3,750 and 4,500 euros each.

Even if there are not as many e-cars and hybrids on the German roads as the federal government would like, the vehicle offers -Market meanwhile quite a large selection. As a small reference work for purchasing decisions, we have put together all eligible BEVs and PHEVs that we have already tested. To go directly to the respective test, simply click directly on the links under the respective text. Let's approach the whole thing alphabetically for the sake of clarity.

In this article we have gathered all test candidates who can be charged with a plug and can go through their basic price for the Qualification.

BMW i3 /i3S

BMW starts with the i3 and the i3S , both of which have already been presented to us. The Munich-based company has been offering the compact Stromer since 2013. Initially as a hybrid, now only as pureelectric vehicle. The rear doors that open in opposite directions and the natural materials in the interior are striking on the i3. With the equivalent of 170 hp (184 hp in the i3S) and rear-wheel drive, it goes forward. BMW currently only has the basic version in the online configurator, the price of which is 39,000 euros, which qualifies the i3 for the full funding amount.

Click here to test the BMW i3.

Click here to test the BMW i3S.

Three Hyundai models

The Korean manufacturer Hyundai has three electric models to choose from. The compact SUV Hyundai Kona Electric is available in the 100 kW version from around 35,000 euros. If you want to sit one floor below, you can also click on the Hyundai Ioniq Elektro fall back. Thanks to an entry price of around 35,000 euros, the maximum subsidy of 6,000 euros also applies here. An exception in the Koreans' model portfolio is the Hyundai Nexo , because this is powered by a fuel cell, which is also eligible.

Click here to test the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Click here to test the Hyundai Ioniq Elektro.

Click here to test the Hyundai Nexo.

Mercedes EQC

Hans-Dieter Seufert
You can recognize him, among other things, by the solid lineLight bar at the rear: The electric SUV EQC from Mercedes.

The price of the large electric SUV from Mercedes is barely slipping into the promotion . The In our test, the Mercedes EQC achieved an average consumption of 23.6 kWh and a corresponding range of 381 kilometers. Thanks to the equivalent of 408 hp and 760 Newton meters of torque, the E-Daimler moves even faster than with many other electric cars.

Click here to test the Mercedes EQC.

Nissan Leaf in two versions

The Nissan Leaf is a veteran of electric mobility. This is because it is the first large-scale production vehicle specially designed for electric drive. The small car has been on the market since 2010 and is now in its second generation. It is optionally available with a 40 kWh battery, or as Nissan Leaf + with 62 kWh and 50 kW more power (160 kW in total).

Click here to test the Nissan Leaf.

Here goes ´s to test the Nissan Leaf + .

Stock sale at Opel

If you have a want to get hold of the Opel Ampera-e , you should hurry up. Of course, since the Rüsselsheim-based company has been part of the PSA Group, old models are being sorted out and replaced with new platforms. Opel currently only sells the stock of the Ampera-e, which we also had in the test. The prices start at around 43,000 euros.

Click here to test the Opel Ampera-e .

Two generations of Zoe

The Renault Zoe is also been in the electric car business for a while. In any case, long enough for the second generation of the small electric car to be available from dealers. You can buy the car from 21,900 euros, but the battery remains in the possession of the manufacturer and costs 74 euros per month. Two power levels are available, either a 41 or 52 kWh battery.

Click here to test the Renault Zoe .

Tyson Jopson
Two of three Tesla Models are too expensive to fund. However, Model 3 can be subsidized.

US pioneer Tesla

The large models from Elon Musk's E- Auto blacksmiths do not qualify for funding because the base price is too high. Only the Tesla Model 3 Performance can be subsidized. The compact electric sedan has long been dueling with the Nissan Leaf for the title of 'best-selling electric car'. And that although the Tesla is playing in a different investment league with a minimum purchase price of around 44,000 euros.

Click here to test the Tesla Model 3 .

VW in large and small

At Volkswagen, the eighth generation of the Golf is already in the starting blocks, a few VW e-Golf of the previous generation are still available. Are you in the mood for a smaller model? VW also has something up its sleeve, namely the VW e-Up . Thanks to its low weight and clear dimensions, a nimble electric car for use in the city.

Click here to test the VW e-Golf .

Here is the test of the VW e-Up .

From full electricity we come now to the electrical part-time workers. We are talking about plug-in hybrids, i.e. those vehicles that look like an electric carcan be charged by plug, but can usually only drive between 40 and 60 kilometers purely electrically. A combustion engine is then used for longer distances. This combination makes it possible to drive locally emission-free in cities, for example.

All tested plug-in hybrids

Achim Hartmann
In the second part of the overview we list all plug-in hybrids that we have tested and received the grant.

With the Audi Q5 55 TFSI e Quattro The Ingolstadt-based company has secured hybrid funding of EUR 3,750. The SUV has a combined system output of 367 hp. If you don't need that much power, the smaller Q5 50 TFSI e Quattro has a total output of 299 hp. The drive train is largely the same.

Click here to test the Audi Q5 55 TFSI e Quattro .

BMW Hybrid models

The BMW 225xe Active Tourer , which we already welcomed in the long-term test. The van did well there, even if the electric range of 35 kilometers is quite low. Next comes the BMW 330e iPerformance (54 kilometers). His big brother, the BMW 530e iPerformance , on the other hand only manages 31 kilometers without combustion support in the test.

Click here to test the BMW 225xe Active Tourer .

Click here for the test of the BMW 330e iPerformance .

Click here to test the BMW 530e iPerformance .

Korean hybrid sedan

From the Korean manufacturer Kia we had the Kia Optima Hybrid as a sedan already in extensive testing. The Optima has proven that hybrid technology has an effect on economy. Despite its impressive 1.8 tons, it completed our eco-lap with an average consumption of 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers. It covers 50 kilometers purely electrically. The downside of the coin: With a price of 46,650 euros, it is not exactly a bargain.

Click here to test the Kia Optima Hybrid .

Arturo Rivas
Two body variants of the Kia Optima is available, also as a hybrid. Kia has sedans and station wagons up its sleeve.

Hybrids with a star

So far, Mercedes has three hybrid variants our test procedure. The smallest of these is the Mercedes C350 e , who was directly tested by another candidate, namely the Mercedes GLC 300 e . As is often the case with a duel between station wagons and SUVs, in the end the question remains whether your focus is on dynamics or space. Hybrids are no exception. Another Stuttgart in the test is the Mercedes E350 e . HisPlus points: comfort, economy and safety.

Click here to test the Mercedes C350 e .

Here go to the test of the Mercedes GLC 300 e .

Click here to test the Mercedes E350 e .

The first electrified one Mini

The first vehicle that electrified Mini was the Mini Cooper Countryman SE . A 65 kW electric motor drives the rear axle, while a three-cylinder petrol engine is responsible for the front counterpart. The technology comes from the BMW 225xe Active Tourer mentioned above. However, there is not much left of the extra power compared to the conventional Countryman version due to the increased weight. The basic price of the hybrid mini is 37,500 euros.

Click here to test the Mini Cooper Countryman SE .

Uli Joos
The Outlander As a plug-in hybrid, it is no more economical than its diesel brother. The hybrid version is still in demand. Around a third of customers choose the part-time Stromer.

Large hybrid SUV

Mitsubishi united in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV three engines to one hybrid drive train. In addition to a two-liter gasoline engine, the Japanese also built two electric motors with 60 kW output each. This gives the SUV a total of 203 hp. In our test we compared the PHEV with the diesel version. TheDiesel was more economical with an average of 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers than the hybrid (7.1 liters).

Click here to test the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV .

Volkswagen hybrid models

At VW, the abbreviation GTE refers to a plug-in model. These three letters adorn the VW Golf VII GTE also the VW Passat GTE . We have already tested these two part-time electric VWs. The Golf manages 45 kilometers, the Passat five less in pure electric mode. An advantage of both models: the battery can be charged while driving. For example, on the way to the city in order to be emission-free there.

Click here to test the VW Golf VII GTE .

Click here to test the VW Passat GTE .

This ends our list of electrified test candidates. It is still worth stopping by again, because we are constantly updating this article with new models. You can find all cars with performance data and consumption information in our picture gallery above in the article.


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