After GTX comes R: VW R from 2030 purely electric

From 2030 onwards, Volkswagen will gradually be offering its sporty R line for all-electric models as well. According to a report by British Autocar, concept cars are currently being developed.

"We are currently examining various concepts and options, but will only offer R models that also meet our requirements. One thing is certain: the future of R is electric," says R boss Reinhold Ivenz. The R models will be launched successively from 2030 onwards – Thomas Ulbricht, Chief Development Officer, had already held out the prospect of an ID.4 R last year.

ID.7 and ID.8 R possible

But there are no R models based on the existing MEB (modular electrical construction kit) on which the first generation ID.3 or ID.4 is based. Speaking to Britain's Auto Express, Ivenz said: "We've been discussing several concepts in the MEB world and at this point we're not sure what we can do with the battery. If we want a specific MEB R model, it would need its own battery, which is so expensive that we are not currently planning such a car." The ID. GTX models 299 hp. The R-Boss doesn't think that's enough. "The next-generation electric platform has a lot more horsepower," says Ivenz. "The MEB isn't that strong, but we don't think in horsepower, we think in acceleration." As an example, he gave an acceleration of 4.0 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, which is then translated into performance. For a corresponding acceleration, the electric R models would have to have around 500 hp.

However, Ivenz does not see the next ID.3 as a potential R candidate, even though the Golf R is a thoroughly successful model. Instead, he prefers the ID.4 because it has the better all-wheel drive concept. ID.5 and ID.6 would also be conceivable. The prerequisite, however, is the new electric platform. From 2026, Volkswagen will introduce the SSP (Scalable Systems Platform), which will include many VW platforms including the MEB. Still, we don't have to wait until 2026 to see the first electric R-Mobile. An R show car gives a foretaste of the future earlier: "In 2024 we will show a concept car that is a preview of what we will do with electric R models," Ivenz concludes.

The purely electric models of the R sub-brand will in future technically differ from high-end prototypes such as the ID. R operate. In addition, VW wants to focus on faster and more convenient charging - beyond the current 150 kW charging capacity. Furthermore, customers receive "exclusive charging options" and subsidized prices.

The GTX versions are currently the top equipment among the purely electric ID models. The ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX are already at the start, and the ID.3 will follow in the GTX version in 2023.

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VW is making its sporty R line fit for the electric age. From 2030, e-cars from Wolfsburg will have the abbreviation in their name and thus mark the top model. This then comes with more power, shorter loading times and some extras at the start. There will be a first show car in 2024, but the R series models will only be based on the SSP kit, which will be available from 2026.


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