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ACE-EV: Australian start-up plans to build first electric car in 2019

Start-up ACE-EV
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N New companies as producers of electric cars are emerging everywhere. Series production of cars is also planned in Australia. ACE-EV (Australian Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Group) plans to build a commercial vehicle plant north of Adelaide. In the company's brand logo, a kangaroo is jumping towards the future.

The company should already have 100 advance orders. It is hoped to be able to increase production to 15,000 units by 2025. This then requires more than the ten to 18 employees with whom ACE-EV plans in the first year.

Unnamed partners from Germany and Taiwan are to support the Australian company, which primarily produces the electric cars for the Want to export. In addition to a panel van and a pick-up, ACE-EV also wants to present a small car for city traffic on the same basis at the end of 2019. The cars are to be built exclusively as right-hand drive, which means that the export markets are limited to neighboring New Zealand, some Asian and African countries and Great Britain.

Range 150 to 200 kilometers

The electric drive with 174 Nm torque should be able to produce 45 kW (61 PS) at its peak and deliver 18 kW (25 PS) continuously. The lithium-nickel battery has a storage capacity of 23.2 kWh. More important than the 100 km /h top speed for urban delivery services and craftsmen is the range of the van: ACE-EV specifies it as “150 to 200 kilometers”. The batteries should be able to be recharged at a household socket within eight hours.

The ACE panel van and the pick-up are each 3.90 meters long and 1.90 meters wide. 500 kilograms of payload can be shouldered.

Price from 24,800 euros

In April 2019, a first prototype was presented in Sydney. The first 100 units of the panel van are to be built this year, and customers interested in making a reservation must pay a deposit of 980 Australian dollars (approximately 600 euros). The manufacturer predicts the vehicle price at 40,000 Australian dollars (about 24,800 euros).


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