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Zubr Concept off-road conversions for the Lada Niva

In Gransee, Germany, you can buy extreme versions of the Lada Niva. At Zubr Concept there are several off-road packages for the Russian all-wheel drive vehicle. Now there is a new, particularly violent one.

To describe the journey in a Lada Niva as rough is not only true, but has several reasons. On the one hand, not much has changed in the design since the early 1970s, on the other hand, the rough character reveals its true qualities. The Russian all-wheel drive icon was created for an environment that is at least as harsh as the vehicle itself. The Zubr Concept company from Gransee, north of Berlin, also takes this into account. There are several different packages for the Lada, which result in an almost post-apocalyptic look à la Mad Max.

Zubr Concept I

For the smallest package you pay 17,999 euros including the basic vehicle. In addition to a scratch- and impact-resistant paint finish, it also includes a trailer hitch, fender flares, a snorkel, underbody protection and complete cavity sealing. Window tinting, Dotz Dakar rims and air scoops on the hood and C-pillar complete the sinister look. Not much is happening inside, but something important is happening. The package also includes an MP3-capable radio including a USB connection.

Zubr Concept II

If number 1 isn't dramatic enough for you, grab package number 2 for 18,999 euros. In addition to the equipment mentioned above, there is also a black front bar, black running boards and a cable winch for up to 6 tons including remote control. Incidentally, all modifications to the Lada Niva, including EC operating license or registration, are absolutely legal and road traffic compliant. If you still want to drive a car like this on normal roads at all.

Zubr Concept III

For 20,999 euros, the third version will be available to all those customers who still want to retain some residual comfort. Air conditioning, electric windows, central locking with radio remote control and heated seats are also on board. There is also an underrun protection for the engine.

Zubr Concept Monster

Is all this too cheap for you and not extreme enough? Then you can now resort to the monster conversion for the Lada Niva. At its center are the chassis modifications that take the Russian off-road vehicle one floor higher. There are also 16-inch beadlock rims fitted with deep-tread Hankook off-road tires. Zubr Concept attaches a fifth wheel to a pivoting bracket at the rear of the Lada Niva. The two oval tailpipes of the new exhaust system also catch the eye there.But this model variant is not only more martial, but also more comfortable than the original thanks to electrically adjustable side mirrors, cup holders and full leather interior. The comparatively steep price of 44,000 euros also includes several 12-volt connections.

Lots of special equipment

With a look at the photos of the Zubr conversions, you will surely have noticed that there are still a few more equipment features to be had. That razor-sharp observation brings us to the extensive list of optional extras. Let's work our way from top to bottom. For the roof, Zubr offers a selection of different luggage racks (steel basket or checker plate) for 350 to 600 euros. In order to get there, the people of Brandenburg are building a ladder to the rear for 400 euros. If required, additional LED lights in different sizes radiate to the front as a light bar on the roof or work and headlights. If necessary, Zubr also replaces the standard lights with LED versions.

There are also other options for the interior. A park distance control for the rear and a reversing camera can be retrofitted for 350 euros each. If you want to take the children with you into the wilderness, it is best to book the two Isofix attachments for the back seat. Alternatively, up to two rifles can also be accommodated there. The corresponding bracket is available for 399 euros. Would you like a little more elegance? Imitation leather seats with contrasting stitching are available for 2,000 euros; real leather interior is also available separately for 3,200 euros.,

So, and now let's take a look under the car. A differential lock distributes the drive torque for 850 euros. For a further 350 euros, Zubr raises the Niva by 3.5 centimeters, for 1,000 euros there is a chassis extension that pushes the off-road vehicle five centimeters upwards - the monster receives these two options ex works. An additional underrun protection for the gearbox costs 300 euros. Zubr offers all accessories for both the two- and four-door models. The 1.7-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, on the other hand, remains untouched with its 83 hp.,


If you need a real off-roader, you don't necessarily have to go for the expensive representatives from Mercedes or Jeep. In addition to the Suzuki Jimny, the Lada Niva is a cheap option with plenty of off-road talent, which Zubr not only adds to an adventurous look, but also to real functionality.


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