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VW Touareg Hybrid (steel suspension) in the driving report

VW Touareg Hybrid (2010) in the driving report
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V W Touareg - for everyone who loves him know and love, he's something like the Bentley of the mud. A statement that has become an automobile for the fact that Wolfsburg not only understands Volkswagen, but also cars for successful people. And how: The aura of power and money spills over to the 500,000 VW Touareg drivers as soon as the doors are opened. Grippy leather, shiny wooden panels, precisely placed metal inlays and chrome-adorned round instruments spread high-class charm - albeit at an additional cost. And first the automatic selector lever, which could just as easily command a two-by-twelve-cylinder powerboat.

The new VW Touareg has slimmed down

That should be over now, sacrificed on the altar of the economy? Don't worry - the new VW Touareg, which will be available from April, is lighter and two centimeters lower, despite four centimeters more in length and wheelbase, but still further away from the meager savings roll than Wolfsburg from Bratislava. The SUV is still being built there. Solid as before, albeit a little less pompous, it relies on a modern interior in the style of the current VW design language.

Technically, a lot has also happened. High-strength steels for the body, aluminum for the chassis and fine work on the electronics, drive train and insulation trained the VW Touareg around 200 kilograms. The steering wheel lost its control rollers, individual buttons gave way to control crosses, and the displays gained in size and clarity. The seven-inch screen between the round instruments provides just as high-resolution information as the eight-inch touch screen in the center console.

The hybrid version has a 38 kW electric motor

which runs the operation is clearly structured despite the variety of options. You can also sit more comfortably - this is ensured (optional) by new front seats with pneumatically adjustable side bolsters; The 16 centimeter shift mechanism for the rear seat is just as standard as the airy feeling of space and the neat overview.

The same applies to the eight-speed automatic, which also manages the power in the hybrid. The first series production in the group and a full hybrid, consisting of the three-liter V6 petrol engine with compressor charging and 333 hp and a 38 kW electric motor, which is known from Audi. In between there is a separating clutch that enables different operating states - from pure electric driving (up to 50 km /h or twoKilometers) to supporting the gasoline engine including full-load boosting to so-called sailing.

VW promises standard consumption of 8.2 L /100 km

If you go at speeds of up to 160 km /h from gas, the gasoline engine decouples so as not to waste kinetic energy in the engine resistors, the generator then only supplies the current consumers. When decelerating, it intervenes - quietly audible and noticeable due to the synthetic, uneven pedal feel - and fills the nickel-metal hydride battery (288 V, 1.3 kWh), which is located under the trunk floor VW promises a standard consumption of 8.2 L /100 km, in practice it should look different, even if you do not enjoy the maximum trailer load of 3.5 tons. The powerful drive combination encourages you to throw good savings intentions overboard the 2.3-tonner. Especially since the precise electrohydraulic steering, the smooth air suspension and the neutral handling further promote driving pleasure.

The VW Touareg is equipped with an off-road program as standard.

And the party can even go on off the asphalt . Equipped as standard with a Torsen transfer case including an off-road program (all models), the optional Terrain Tech package in the V6 TDI increases off-road competence. The power then flows through a more robust differential including a reduction plus a center and rear axle differential that locks up to 100 percent. Five special programs help the Touareg climb 45-degree inclines even without a Dakar winner at the wheel.

Added to this is the air suspension, which ensures comfort on-road, but also an adventurous ground clearance off-road - after all, nobody wants to ride theirs Maxi SUV stranded in the middle of nowhere. There, where neither the lane departure warning nor the lane change assistant are of any use and both the adaptive xenon light, which cuts out oncoming traffic, and the radar lobe of the new, smoothly working adaptive cruise control system aim nowhere After all, like the other V6 variants, the hybrid turns itself off automatically with a start-stop system when the vehicle is stationary in order to save fuel. The Touareg will save not only on fuel consumption, but also on the variety of engines. Five- and ten-cylinder TDIs are disappearing, as is the W12. For the V8 FSI, the hybrid is coming in Europe, and the V8 TDI with 800 Newton meters kicks off those who love torque. Around 80% of German buyers are likely to use the powerful, economical V6 TDI. The same applies here: hard renunciation looks different.


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