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VW T-Roc facelift model year 2022 - all information

VW is revising the entire T-Roc line including the Cabrio and T-Roc R. Everything is new inside. Now there is also the prize for the T-Roc R with 300 hp.

The T-Roc has been on the market since 2017 and has given VW a lot of pleasure ever since. With over a million units sold, around 180,000 of them in Germany, the compact SUV has put in a decent performance. Now it's time for the facelift, which is relatively extensive compared to the usual facelifts. This also applies to the T-Roc R and T-Roc Cabrio models, although they only made their debut in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The new VW T-Roc in the video


The exterior of the new vintage remains relatively untouched, so the previous models don't look "old". There is a new illuminated cross bar in the grille (with the IQ Light option) and revised aprons. In addition, there are new lighting units for the LED light, which is now standard on all models, and revised rear lights, which are darker and have new graphics for the optional IQ light. Then the rear lights also have a dynamic indicator.

With the headlights, daytime running lights and indicators share a light module that lights up white or orange depending on the function. LED Plus headlights are available as an option for the T-Roc "Life" and as part of the "Style" equipment line. They include L-shaped indicators in the lower area of ​​the headlights and hexagonal daytime running light units located in the front apron. The optional IQ Light headlights are based on LED matrix technology, which is intended to provide better illumination of the road in different weather conditions. The automatic dimming system for the high beam is also part of IQ-Light.

LED light standard, matrix for an extra charge

So while the exterior is only being redesigned in nuances, no stone is left unturned in the interior. The reason for this is the change to the "slider" cockpit already known from other VW models: while the previous T-Roc still used classic buttons, controls and switches, the new "Golf look" is now also moving in here - at least in pieces. This includes the now standard Digital Cockpit, which replaces the analogue instruments. In addition to the basic digital cockpit with an eight-inch display, the Didgital Cockpit Pro with a 10.25-inch diagonal is also available.

In the future, the infotainment screen will no longer be integrated into the dashboard, but is now mounted above the air vents. Here, the latest modular infotainment kit (MIB3) is used as the basis. The Composition radio with a 6.5-inch touch display is standard. The "Ready to Discover" system with an 8-inch display is installed as standard in the Style and R-Line equipment lines; the navigation function is subject to a surcharge.The top variant is the Discover Pro system with a 9.2-inch display. This includes a range of online-based functions such as voice control or music streaming. Apple Car Play and Android Auto allow wireless smartphone pairing. The We Connect services of the infotainment system are activated free of charge for one year after new registration, after which you have to pay for them.

New steering wheels, multifunction as standard

The multifunction buttons are also standard on the newly designed steering wheels. On the sports leather steering wheel for the R-Line models and in the T-Roc R, the function keys are integrated as touch fields. The climate control is now, as already known from other current VW models, via the touch slider surfaces, the driving light switch and the switch bar below the ventilation nozzles (including hazard warning lights, parking assistants) remain classic-mechanical.

The ambience, which was kept somewhat simple at least in the basic versions, has also been upgraded in a number of places. Cloth covers on the door panels are now standard for all variants, while they are made of imitation leather for the higher Style and R-Line lines. The dashboard is refined with new foam padding and contrasting decor. The decorative panel is available in four new variants.

Partially autonomous driving up to 210 km/h

The assistance side is also being upgraded. New to the range is the IQ Drive Travel Assist, which takes over steering, braking and accelerating the vehicle at speeds of up to 210 km/h. Longitudinal guidance is supported by the automatic distance control "ACC", while lateral guidance is controlled by the standard lane departure warning system "Lane Assist". You have to keep your hands on the steering wheel, which is equipped with capacitive contact surfaces for this purpose.

The new Predictive ACC is the latest variant of automatic distance control and is part of the standard equipment for the Style, R-Line and R equipment as well as the T-Roc Cabriolet. Models with 7-speed DSG have the "Stop & Go" function in addition to the automatic distance control. By integrating the signals from the front camera as well as the GPS and map data in models with a navigation system, the assistance system can anticipate local speed limits, city limits, intersections or roundabouts in its control.

The parking steering assistant "Park Assist" (extra charge) has been expanded to include a new function. Park Assist can now also be used for forward parking in spaces arranged perpendicular to the lane and for parking out of parallel parking spaces parallel to the lane.

On the engine side, everything stays the same for the most part. The basic machine is the three-cylinder TSI with a displacement of one liter, which will deliver 81 kW/110 hp in the future. Above that are the four-cylinder TSI (1.5l with 110 kW/150 PS and 2.0l with 140kW/190 PS).In the case of the diesel engines, the original 1.5-liter variant, as in other VW models, has been replaced by an equally powerful two-liter TDI with 115 hp, which is also available with 150 hp. The 190 hp variant of the diesel engine is no longer available. There is also no talk of a PHEV version, as is available in the Golf and Tiguan, among others. All-wheel drive can be ordered as an option for the 150 hp diesel, while all-wheel drive is standard for the 190 hp petrol engine and the T-Roc R (unchanged with 221 kW/300 hp).

New T-Roc: Price from 23,495 euros

The new VW T-Roc is already available in the configurator. It starts with the basic equipment, which can be ordered with the 110 hp petrol engine (23,495 euros) and with the 116 hp diesel (26,870 euros). All engines are available from the T-Roc Life; here the range extends from 25,520 euros (110 hp petrol engine) to the 150 hp diesel with DSG for 33,860 euros. The T-Roc Style (from 28,895 euros) is the first model that can also be ordered with all-wheel drive (only with the 150 hp diesel and DSG, from 39,795 euros).

The corresponding price list for the T-Roc R-Line ranges from 29,975 to 40,875 euros. The T-Roc Cabrio is in the basic equipment (style) with the two petrol engines (110 hp, as 150 hp optionally with DSG, front-wheel drive only) between 31,650 and 36,770 euros expensive. As an R-Line, the convertible is only available with the 150 hp petrol engine for 36,865 euros and with the seven-speed DSG for 39,050 euros; 4Motion all-wheel drive is not available here either. The 300 hp T-Roc R has also been available to order since mid-January 2022. Entry starts here at 48,445 euros.


There is a regular model update for the T-Roc, although this only applies to the basic model. Because the convertible with its debut in spring 2020 did not experience two years in its "original state". A main point of criticism, the very sober design of the passenger compartment, is taken into account with new fabrics and linings. The switch to standard LED lights and a fully digital cockpit is a nice step forward; In future, T-Roc drivers will also have to take out a paid subscription for certain functions of the infotainment system. The not undisputed touch slider system, which has already caused a lot of conversation in other VW models, is limited to the climate control in the new T-Roc; other switches, such as the headlights, remain mechanical and can be operated blindly.


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