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VW Polo-SUV T-Cross: information, prices, market launch, driving report

Martin Meiners
VW T-Cross (2019)
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The new VW T-Cross is visually a real SUV: tall, wide and angular, it looks robust and stately. At 4.11 meters, it is 5.4 centimeters longer than the Polo , at the height (1.56 meters including roof rails) it towers over the small car by a full 11.2 centimeters. With a wheelbase of 2.56 meters, however, it is only one centimeter ahead of the Polo. At the rear, a reflective strip extending up to the rear lights visually reinforces the 1.76 meter width.

Martin Meiners
The T-Cross drives up on a maximum of 18-inch wheels.

The inside is T-Cross very spacious. Thanks to the upright seating position, which is ten centimeters higher than the Polo (seat height: 597 millimeters at the front and 652 millimeters at the rear), up to five passengers have a good all-round view, and the headroom is more than okay even with a height of 1.88 meters . The front and rear seats are comfortable and the rear bench can be slid 14 centimeters lengthways as standard, its backrest divided in a 60 to 40 ratiofoldable. The trunk holds 385 to 455 liters, with the backrest folded down the T-Cross can hold up to 1,281 liters of luggage. Practical: the passenger seat can be folded down as an option (from Life equipment) so that the T-Cross can also take particularly long items with you. A small additional compartment sits as a drawer under the front passenger seat (from Life), there is a holder under the driver's seat for the logbook. Very practical - it no longer takes up half the space in the glove compartment.

Martin Meiners
'Space and headroom even for 1.88 meter tall occupants.' Gregor Hebermehl is happy. The ambient light is included in the highest equipment style.

Martin Meiners
A maximum of 1,281 liters of luggage fit into the T-Cross.

Splashes in the puddle for a photo, but there is no four-wheel drive for the little one.

We did not miss all-wheel drive on the first small trip with the prototype, which was still generously camouflaged with foil, in southeast Munich. As soon as you sit down behind the steering wheel, which can be adjusted in two levels, the familiar VW feeling sets in, which the prototype confirms after the first few meters. The four-cylinder TDI grumbles unmistakably under its hood, but is well insulated. He sets the small SUV in motion with vigor, the built-in DSG changes gears unobtrusively. The suspension looks comfortably tuned, as far as this can be assessed on the mostly neatly tarred roads of our small test round. The steering responds precisely, the chassis gives a similarly agile feeling as in the Polo.

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