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VW Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept: Engine from the Golf R

VW USA has put an impressive one-off on the wheels. The concept is intended to demonstrate the sporty potential of the large SUV coupe. The machine from the Golf R actively helps with this task.

Anyone in the USA who is interested in a large VW SUV should look at the atlas in the dealer brochure. If you fancy a big and sporty VW SUV, look into the tube. Until now - because VW is putting a chic one-off in the spotlight for performance-hungry SUV customers. Scottish-born car nerd and mechanic Jamie Orr did the conversion of the car that started life as a traditional VW Atlas Cross Sport.,

If you're already grieving because the Atlas Cross Sport didn't get to us buy, then perhaps the choice of color for the GT Concept will comfort you a little. Kingfisher blue is actually quite regular here, but not in the USA. There is a stalemate with the engine. The EA888 sits in the souped-up Atlas, which usually fires the Golf R with 300 hp both here and overseas. In addition to its two-litre displacement, it now makes precisely this power available to the slightly larger Volkswagen. This is joined in the Cross Sport GT Concept by the cooler from the Golf R of the previous series. The performance is sorted by a seven-speed DSG.

Inside and out

The lowered SUV coupé stands on 22-inch Abt HR aero rims, surrounded by tires from Yokohama (Advan Sport 285/35 R22). A coilover suspension ensures the crouched posture, behind the front wheels sits an eight-piston brake from Tarox. Glossy black accents replace the standard chrome trim all around.,

The combination of black and kingfisher blue also determines the picture in the interior. Jamie Orr equips the Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept with four individual Recaro sports seats. The rear seats are separated by a center armrest that matches those in the first row. Seat belts, shift lever, steering wheel, floor mats and seats are all or partially in kingfisher blue. According to VW USA, all modifications are vegan - but this does not apply to the base vehicle. What remains in the end is the question of whether all these modifications have a chance of serial production. However, VW is silent about this. The Atlas Cross Sport GT will initially start its career as a show car at various events in the USA.,


An SUV coupé trimmed even more consistently for sportiness would certainly find some fans. Namely those who say to themselves: "Well, if so, then right." The Atlas Cross Sport GT is definitely something to look at, but the engine could possibly be readjusted. After all, the conventional Atlas is also available as a VR6 with a displacement of 3.6 liters and 276 hp - there could certainly be a few more horses in there. Just because of "if so, then right".


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