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VW Amarok 2.0 BiTDi in the driving report: I am a Rok for five people

Dino Eisele
VW Amarok Double Cab 2.0 BiTDi in the driving report
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Euro NCAP is not exactly known for entertaining videos. This is different in the crash test of the V W Amarok: When the side impact ram pokes him in the flank at 50 km /h, the pickup looks more surprised than wounded. Scratches may remain, but the Amarok doesn't mind. It's a car built to last.

Now the VW is making an effort Amarok Double Cab 2.0 BiTDi 4Motion BMT is also about economy. Increased from 163 to 180 hp, but it gets Blue Motion Technology, a start-stop system, intelligent alternator management and smooth-running tires. Plus the new ..., wait, what was that? Low-friction tires? Sorry, VW, but you're not serious. That is a 5.25 meter long 2.1-tonne stretch that the Dakar can ride with, it has to have stubby, coarse tires on it.

VW Amarok 2.0 BiTDi 4Motion BMT with smooth-running tires?

Yes, now, the measures of the Blue Motion Technology package for 405 euros reduce the standard consumption measured according to the truck test program by 0.5 to 7.5 L /100 km. In everyday life there is the VW Amarok 2.0 BiTDi 4Motion BMT likes to be 50 percent higher - despite the wide spread of the new eight-speed automatic. It costs 2,071 euros, saves the difficult gear changes of the manual switch and pushes the gears deeply in under load. Otherwise, it shifts quickly and gently, letting the engine nail down at low speed.

Pedal on the floor pan: fluffed up by the biturbo, the VW Amarok 2.0 BiTDi pushes vehemently on the autobahn close to the 200 km /h mark, with the wind howling around the cabin. But the autobahn is no more a part of the VW pickup area than cities, for whose 10.2 square meter area you have to look for a construction site rather than a parking space. For a pickup it drives easily and safely on country roads. Driving dynamics? Not now, not here. Permanently all-wheel drive, with 23 centimeters of ground clearance, 50 centimeters fording depth and an optional lock for the rear axle differential, it gravel from deserts to forests, from pampas to puszta.

It's about arriving, not about comfort

It's about arriving, not about comfort. The humble onesAttempts on the front axle to conceal bumps are immediately revealed by the multi-layer leaf spring pack on the rigid rear axle. So it shakes the passengers in the VW Amarok Double Cab. There is a little lack of knee room on the wide back seat. Pilot and Co. travel spaciously and separated by a massive central tunnel.

The rebellious position of the VW Amarok in the Volkswagen range is reflected in the hard plastic furniture. With such a level of material, not even a basic Fox would have dared to come to us. The Amarok is no longer an import VW. Now they are building it for us in Hanover. But because the luggage outside is wet /dirty /stolen or has to be covered by a stupid flap, it is too big and too expensive, the question arises - as with all pickups - what it should be with us. Before we have to answer evasively, we'd rather cheer him: Rok on.


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