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Volvo XC90 in the driving report: Everything new, but completely the same

Volvo XC90 in the driving report
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T At Volvo, traditions are not there to be broken not in order to preserve it, but to optimize it. The Swedes actually built the same car with the 140/240 for 27 years. It looked more like a property than an automobile. Every few years it got a new exterior plaster, people drove around in the basement or repainted the living room.

The Volvo XC90 has also survived the last 13 years surprisingly unaffected by renovation ambitions - and also the short and lousy ones Era when Volvo was part of Ford. But now it's actually time for a new Volvo XC90, and it's brand new. Head of Research and Development Dr. Peter Mertens the share of takeovers from the predecessor. As the first model from the Swedes, the SUV is based on the scalable product architecture (SPA), which is nothing other than what VW calls modular transverse matrix. On the one hand, the SPA enables new freedom in design and extensive standardization in technology. So there will soon be only one engine for the models from the S60 upwards: a two-liter, which is boosted as a gasoline and diesel with charging and electric drives.

Volvo XC90 D5 always comes with all-wheel drive and automatic

In the Volvo XC90 T6 it produces 320 hp as a gasoline engine with compressor and turbo, in the T8 plug-in hybrid it is assisted by a 59 kW electric motor, which bundles up to 400 hp and 640 Nm. But now we turn the small starter button on the D5, and deep under the bonnet the turbodiesel grumbles with 225 hp. Later comes the D4, front-wheel drive, manual gearbox, 35 hp less and 5,000 euros cheaper. The D5, on the other hand, always has all-wheel drive and automatic with it. The Aisin-Box gently slips over the hesitation of starting the biturbo diesel, then bubbles gently, softly and so accurately through its eight levels that manual intervention seems completely unnecessary. In addition, the optional air suspension cuddles up even on rough bumps. There is also a more dynamic curve for drive, steering, suspension and even steering. But it is one of those things in life that it is enough to know that they exist and where to find them, but that you actually never want to use, such as Nordic walking sticks.

Hurry Also does not exactly fit the Volvo XC90, despite the complex chassis setup (double wishbones at the front, integral rear axle with transverse leaf springs as beforein the 960) the XC90 turns more prudently than eagerly around curves. With unobtrusive feedback in the steering and the best traction, it is always committed to driving safety, never to pleasure.

Even the third row of seats can accommodate two adults properly unter

But the Volvo XC90 isn't here for fun either. But to accommodate up to seven passengers with its enormous amount of space. At the front of cozy seats, in row two to three separately movable, tilt-adjustable and foldable single seats. And even in the third row, which can be raised quickly (1,500 euros), two adults can still find plenty of room. The seat duo is actually only intended for passengers up to 1.70 meters, but even larger seats are still neat there. There is also no lack of cargo space. Depending on the seat configuration, it is enough for 314 over 692 to 1,868 liters of luggage.

And of course it's about safety. Just listing the safety systems of the Volvo XC90 will now fill a few lines: city safety with cyclist and pedestrian detection, head-up display with hazard warning, adaptive cruise control with partially autonomous traffic jam-following, intersection emergency braking system, emergency parking brake, rear collision warning, drowsiness sensor, LED headlights with masked permanent high beam, plus the blind spot assistant and lane departure warning with steering intervention and preventive belt tensioner. It works like this: If the Volvo XC90 detects that it is leaving the road, the belt tensioner tightens the belt by ten centimeters within a tenth of a second and fixes the driver and front passenger in the seat with a force of 300 Newtons until the car comes to a standstill. At the same time, deformation elements in the seat frame dampen the impact if the car lands hard in a ditch or on an embankment. This reduces the risk of spinal injuries.

Of course, Volvo has also thought of something like a normal accident, although it will be difficult to take part in it at all. In any case, the Volvo XC90 built in Gothenburg is still made of Swedish steel, hot-formed boron steel, to be precise, 40 percent of the body is made of this type, currently the hardest that is used in car manufacturing.

Volvo XC90 With an intuitive upright touchscreen

The control system of the Volvo XC90, on the other hand, should enable a whole new level of ease. There are only eight buttons left on the center console, the rest is controlled by the upright touchscreen. Everything looks a bit like Tesla, but after a short familiarization it works surprisingly easily and intuitively. You can quickly swipe your way through the four main menus (phone, navigation system, air conditioning, music) just like at home on an iPad. However, little things can be distracting, such as changing stations on the radio.

Incidentally, sound experiences can be selected in a submenu. The highlight of the list is the sound that oneConcert hall is modeled after. That of Volvo's hometown Gothenburg. Tradition obliges.


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