Volvo XC90 D5 test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Volvo XC90 D5 put to the test
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D he females, we read, meet like to be in groups and initially show themselves disinterested or even negative towards the males. However, the closer they are to conception, the more likely they are to react to advances. Before you fear you have got lost in a relationship guide from our publishing colleagues at “Men's Health”: It's about an Internet encyclopedia entry about moose. We clicked on it to see whether the Volvo XC90 is already mentioned in the chapter on “Natural Enemies”.

Volvo XC90 a very tough SUV

Its body structure consists of 40 percent Boron steel, the hardest steel currently used in automotive engineering. The Volvo XC90 intimidates moose and EuroNCAP crash barriers. But it doesn't just reveal everything in terms of crumple optimization that Volvo safety research has discovered and invented over the past 87 years. Rather, it is about making active participation in accidents much more difficult. This is ensured by one of the most comprehensive assistance equipment currently available.

Well, there is the City Safety emergency braking system with pedestrian, cyclist and probably soon also elk detection that is ready for use day and night and at any speed (yes, really), lane departure warning with steering intervention, blind spot alarm, head-up display with hazard warning, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assistant, parking and intersection emergency brake assistant, drowsiness warning, rear impact alarm, LED headlights with masked permanent high beam and the preventive belt tensioner. It fixes the passengers in their seats as soon as the sensors detect that the Volvo XC90 is leaving the road. And if he stumbles into a ditch, deformation elements in the seat frames dampen the force of the impact.

New product architecture through 11 billion euros Dollar investment

The XC90 is the safest Volvo ever built - and the most revolutionary. The engineers redeveloped 99 percent of all parts within four years - plus the scalable product architecture (SPA). Soon all Volvo above the V40 will be based on this. To make it happen, Volvo launched an eleven billion dollar investment program. The Chinese owners of Geely fully support this, but only morally, not financially. Why is the Volvo XC90 the first to stand on the new base? It was about time.

There areeasier inheritance than that of the first Volvo XC90. In 2002, he not only expanded the brand's portfolio, but also the moral spectrum of his customers. No other off-road vehicle has ever made it possible for its owners to be as actively involved in civic initiatives for environmental protection as in the shortage of global oil reserves. Because in the general perception, even an XC90 T6 with the crazy-for-drinking six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine was never a dumb SUV, but a Swedish family car, a Småland on wheels that was about space, comfort and safety.

And continues - the concept of the Volvo XC90 has not changed, it has even been intensified. The body, which has grown by 13 centimeters to 4.95 meters, offers such a lavish amount of space that the purchase of the third row of seats for 1,550 euros seems advisable. Otherwise, as with the five-seater test car, you are constantly driving around a suitcase hall with a standard loading volume at the level of the VW Multivan.

The three squat, comfortable rear seats can be folded down separately; the middle one, by the way, is the only construction with the foldable child seat cushion which the technicians took over from the predecessor. At the front everything is completely new, from the soft leather-covered, cozy and extremely comfortable seats that proudly carry small Swedish flags on their flanks, to the controls.

Volvo XC90 with 225 diesel hp

The elegance of the reduced is achieved in the cockpit of the Volvo XC90 by dispensing with buttons. There are only eight on the center console. Everything else (air conditioning, navigation system, music, telephone, assistance) should work on the 9.2-inch portrait touchscreen. But it doesn't work. We don't even have to delve into the depths of infotainment. Even simple radio and navigation functions are cumbersome and extremely distracting. This is reminiscent of the beginnings of BMW's iDrive. Volvo's system may have similar development potential. Friends of the brand will have to come to terms with it in any case - it comes in all new models.

Like the engine. The singular indicates that there is only one basic engine, from which a three-cylinder will later be derived. The 1,969 cc four-cylinder engine is already available as a petrol and diesel engine. The gasoline engine is boosted by a turbo and compressor, the hybrid also with an electric motor. As a diesel, two sequentially switched turbos with variable charging geometry shovel it to 225 hp and 470 Nm.

Concern whether that might not be a few cylinders and a few liters of displacement too little for the two-ton Volvo XC90, blow the diesel with 2.5 bar boost pressure of it. The well-insulated, but slightly nail-biting diesel due to the maximum injection pressure of 2,500 bar manages zero hundred in the test in 8.6 seconds. The fact that you never get the feeling that it is too small or excessively charged is also due to the standard Aisin eight-speed automatic.Selector to D and everything is fine. When starting, the box slips over the slow start of the engine, always shifting gently and accurately. Paddles for self-switching enriched the driving pleasure about as much as a function for self-spin enriched the joy of a washing machine. So there are none.

Good test consumption for the Volvo XC90

The range of the drive is amazing. In Eco mode, the electronics reduce the power of the engine, and the automatic shifts to idle when coasting. In the Volvo XC90 you are not dodgy, but with only 6.9 l /100 km. Even in a hurry there are hardly twelve. And with an average of 8.5 l /100 km you are more committed than you have been able to do with a Volvo XC90.

This is due to the new chassis with double wishbones at the front and the integral axle at the rear. The 960 sedan already had this form of independent wheel suspension in 1990. This means that the Volvo XC90 drives unshakably safe and neutral, precise and agile - in comparison to other large Volvo, where you have to constantly yell at understeer and drive distortion in the steering in curves (yes, we mean you, V70)>

In contrast, the Volvo XC90 now has something like feedback and precision in the steering - at least in the servo-reduced dynamic mode. Compared to a Cayenne or X5, it is of course a leisurely coffee party - but also so cozy. The XC90 only covered short bumps in the test, despite adaptive air suspension (2,560 euros). Otherwise, it can cope with bad waves and lets it sway in dynamic mode.

The XC90 complements the brand's traditional strengths with new ones. It is not just another SUV, it is safe, spacious, safe, individual, safe, comfortable, by the way also safe and certainly the best Volvo that has ever existed. In short: Elch a Volvo!

Tablet PC with extensive networking

Not just the car, also its Volvo has completely plowed up the Sensus navigation system (1,170 euros). A 9.2-inch touchpad forms the basis, via which almost all functions are controlled. The high-resolution display reacts very sensitively to touch and implements commands without any noticeable delay. Entering addresses is therefore quick and easy, and zooming in on the map also works with the two-finger method familiar from smartphones. The driver can also choose between a large navigation map or a reduced arrow display, which leaves space for audio, telephone and vehicle information.

If you choose Volvo On Call (850 euros) , gets an additional data modem with its own SIM card, which automatically calls for help in the event of an accident, serves as a WLAN hotspot and supplies the navigation system with online content. This can be used to install Internet services in the Volvo App Store. In the test carHowever, only weather forecasts and the search for points of interest worked, further functions are to be added over the next few months - including real-time traffic information and music streaming services. Apple Carplay is to be activated in November, but the pre-equipment can already be ordered. Hopefully the operation will also be optimized, some menus seem overloaded and distracting while driving. The voice control disappointed across the board with its low recognition rate and rigid input structure.


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