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Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition: farewell special edition

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has already been taken off the market twice. However, he survived in the Arab world. Now he says goodbye there with a Final Edition.

"What, that one still exists?" you ask? "Yes, there's still one!" Says Toyota. Or better: Abdul Latif Jameel Motors. The dealer, who has been working for the brand since 1955, continued to import the FJ Cruiser to Saudi Arabia long after it had been discarded elsewhere. In the USA it was already 2014, in most other markets three years later. Incidentally, the off-road vehicle never officially came to Europe.

Now, however, the end of the Toyota FJ Cruiser has finally come to an end in the desert state, which Abdul Latif Jameel Motors celebrates with a specially created Final Edition. Incidentally, there was one before, when we said goodbye in 2017. The style back then was very similar to what it is now: the off-roader has the camouflage color beige all over – not just on the outside, but also on the inside of the front and rear seats, on the inner door panels and centrally in the dashboard. Apropos: On the right there is a plaque with the serial number of the respective Final Edition representative.

Serial number on the fuel filler cap

The radiator grille as well as the bumpers, exterior mirrors, door handles and spare wheel cover are all black and have a coating to protect against damage. On the outside, there is also a special decor between the rear door, which opens in the opposite direction of travel on the FJ Cruiser, and the rear side window. The serial number and a graphic Final Edition motif are also stamped into the color-contrasting fuel cap.

Technically, everything stays the same with the Toyota FJ Cruiser in the Final Edition. As ever, the four-wheel drive vehicle is powered by a four-liter V6, which does not require supercharging, but instead has Dual-VVTi dual variable valve control. The petrol engine thus achieves 272 hp and a maximum torque of 380 Newton meters. Power is transmitted by a five-speed automatic.

Prices start at a good 40,000 euros

Things like a crawler gear, active traction control and an electronically controlled limited-slip differential on the rear axle also help the FJ Cruiser in the Final Edition off the beaten track. Because this can sometimes be an advantage when driving off-road, the electronic stability control can be switched off.

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has been offering the Final Edition of the Toyota FJ Cruiser since the end of 2022. The special series is limited to 1,000 copies; each costs at least 167,095 Saudi riyals, which currently corresponds to almost 40,600 euros.


With the Final Edition launched by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, the Toyota FJ Cruiser says goodbye to Saudi Arabia. Of course, that does not mean that the series is finally dead. In markets such as South Africa or the Philippines, the SUV is still offered as a new vehicle. So it's quite possible that some farewell special series of the FJ Cruiser will be launched.


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