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The Suzuki Jimny LCV Beans can make coffee

Do you want caffeinated hot drinks wherever you drive your car? Then this cute off-roader is exactly the right model for you.

Since Suzuki brought the second Jimny generation to Germany in autumn 2018, its existence in this country has been characterized by difficulties and misunderstandings. Not because the small off-roader was spurned by the public. On the contrary: the demand was so huge that the Japanese could not even begin to meet their production capacities. To make matters worse, someone then noticed that the emission behavior of the Jimny did not meet the new EU requirements. As a result, the off-road vehicle has meanwhile disappeared from the market. Many potential customers looked into the tube. Or paid huge premiums to get one of the few available copies.

Jimny as a mobile coffee bar

Most of these people were reconciled in spring 2021, because Jimny returned to Germany. However, not as a car, but as an N1 commercial vehicle because higher emission values ​​are permitted in this class. As a result, the cult Asian has to do without his rear seats. This leads to the question of what customers should do with the trunk, which has grown by 33 to a maximum of 863 liters. The British Suzuki importer has proposed a solution - and quickly converted the off-road vehicle in the form of the Jimny LCV Beans into a mobile coffee bar.

Where the rear seats used to be, a coffee machine from the manufacturer Fracino is now waiting for friends of caffeinated hot drinks. The part can prepare two coffee specialties at the same time and froth milk twice at the same time. The central hot water dispenser should be well received by the British in particular – at the latest when tea time is announced. The equipment is located in a rear that is completely lined with aluminum and also has a practical double floor.

Sink instead of passenger seat

The Suzuki Jimny LCV Beans even had to give up its passenger seat. In its place is a sink that draws its water from a 57-liter tank with a filter system. There are also two additional twelve-volt batteries in this area. The compact Waeco refrigerator, in which the milk can be kept at the right temperature, for example, can also be supplied with energy using gas.

By the way: Suzuki UK has converted the Jimny's drive to run on liquid gas; the additional tank required for this is located under the rear section. The exhaust system had to be modified for this layout. The differently routed tailpipe now bends towards the ground in front of the left rear wheel. And the new "Chiffon Ivory Pearl Metallic" together with the blue-black roof clearly refers to the new purpose as a supplier of delicious coffee.

Official accessories? Unfortunately, no!

Anyone who now hopes that the Jimny LCV Bean's equipment will soon be included in Suzuki's official accessories catalog will be disappointed: The off-roader remains a one-off, which the British Suzuki branch will in future present at media and advertising events and generally as sympathizer is used. The mobile coffee bar will be used for the first time by the public from September 10th to 20th at the International Boat Show in Southampton, southern England.


It doesn't always have to be as a snow plow or a forester's mobile: The Suzuki Jimny is also obviously suitable as an N1 commercial vehicle for more enjoyable purposes. It could be adapted for local areas. As a mobile bratwurst stand, for example. And a beer dispenser surely fits in the rear of the Jimny, right?


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