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The new Audi SQ8 (2019): price, market launch, technical data

New Audi SQ8 (2019)
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It was clear that it would come, but now it is also official confirmed: A udi showed us the new SQ8. The top model of the Ingolstadt SUV range gets a huge diesel engine under the hood in addition to the “S-Line” -specific special equipment. The four-liter V8 diesel is already known in principle from the Audi SQ7, but will be upgraded again for the SQ8 with a belt starter generator and the corresponding mild hybrid function.

New Audi SQ8 as mild hybrid

The technology required for the starter generator, a 48-volt sub-electrical system, is also required for another detail, the electric compressor. The “electrically driven compressor” (EAV) is brought up to 70,000 revolutions in fractions of a second thanks to the more powerful sub-electrical system. The EPC sits on the 'cold' side of the charge air cooling and supports the diesel engine by charging it at low speeds. It eliminates the “turbo hole”, which means that the diesel engine can deliver its power very homogeneously over the entire speed range. At higher engine speeds, if there is enough exhaust pressure for the conventional supercharger, the EPC is bypassed in the intake system.

The new Audi SQ8 accelerates to 100 km /h in under five seconds

In addition to this third charger, which is already at other Audi models, the Audi SQ8 now also has the belt starter generator (RSG). On the one hand, the RSG serves to increase efficiency. In coasting mode, the electric machine can recuperate electricity, which is temporarily stored in a relatively small lithium-ion battery in the 48-volt network. On the other hand, the RSG can run the engine particularly comfortably after “sailing” or after stopping at the traffic lightsstart again quickly. The complex technology should save up to half a liter of diesel per 100 kilometers.

However, the RSG does not change the key data of the V8 diesel, identical to the SQ7, the four-liter eight-cylinder also delivers 435 hp in the SQ8 and 900 Newton meters of torque. As expected, this allows the heavy chunk to be moved fairly quickly. The Audi headquarters promises 4.8 seconds to 100 km /h, while the forward thrust is electronically halted at 250 km /h.

The interior of the S-model is black as usual, red or gray seat colors can be ordered as a contrast

Visually, the changes compared to the regular Audi Q8 within limits, they correspond to the S-Line package, which is also available for the other Q8 models. The most striking features are the single-frame grille in a platinum gray contrasting color and the SQ8-specific exhaust system with two double-pipe outlets at the rear. A sound actuator integrated in the exhaust system can be controlled via the drive-select system in order to amplify the V8 sound.

The SQ8 comes with adaptive air suspension as standard, which can be adjusted in an adjustment range of up to 90 Millimeters can adjust the chassis height. The all-wheel steering can be ordered as an option, through which the rear axle participates in the action with a steering angle of up to five degrees. Audi also offers electromagnetic active roll stabilization EAWS for an extra charge, which decouples the stabilizers on straight stretches and thus reduces roll movements and increases ride comfort. In return, the two halves of the anti-roll bar are actively twisted against each other and the side tilt is reduced.

The new Audi SQ8 in the video

In addition to the standard 21-inch wheels, the SQ8 will also be with a 22-inch combination with 285/40 tires. Also in the surcharge list: red brake calipers and brake discs made of carbon fiber ceramic. Audi has not yet announced prices for this, and neither has it for the SQ8 itself. In any case, one brand has been set: SQ8 interested parties are allowed around 100,000 eurosplan in advance.


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