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The Italian Stallion: H&R sport springs for Jeep Compass 4WD

The Italian Stallion
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D he Jeep Compass 4WD doesn't like much of the pseudo - SUVs from German manufacturers differ, but when it comes to off-road rather than to kindergarten, the Compass shows where the hammer is. If the others have been stuck in the mud up to the axis for a long time, the Compass is still going ahead. Those who are less interested in excursions in the woods and meadows will gain in format with the H&R sport spring set recently launched for the Compass. The lowering by around 40 millimeters ensures that the wheels stand harmoniously in their housing and makes the proportions of the SUV appear stockier. In addition to making entry easier, the vehicle's center of gravity, which is shifted downwards, reduces the body's body roll in fast corners. The driving behavior is also much more agile without noticeably reducing comfort.

H&R components for the Chrysler Jeep Compass

4WD, type MX, excl. Trailhawk

Sport springs

Item number: 28682-1

Lowering VA /HA approx. 40 mm

Price (RRP): 260.00 Euro (incl. 19% VAT)

Trak + wheel spacers

Silver or black anodized

Widening: 10-30mm /axis

Price (RRP): from 44.00 euros (incl. 19% VAT)


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