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TechnoImpuls Rocket Z: expedition off-road vehicle from Russia

TechnoImpuls Rocket Z 210
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E s is not only the largest country on earth, but also the one Home to the largest contiguous forest area in the world. Anyone who travels in the remote regions of Russia quickly feels lost in all the deserted expanse and can actually get lost. It is therefore vital to be on the road with a suitable vehicle that can easily get through and back where all roads end.

There he is in his element: Deep snow is the Rocket Z's favorite surface

Tires with a height of 1.3 meters

This means that a very large number of companies and private tinkerers in Russia are devoting themselves to this topic and are constantly attracting attention with particularly blatant vehicles. We have already reported on various representatives of this all-conquering species, now something new is coming again. The offroader, baptized in English “Rocket”, is called in Russian “Кречет”, hunting falcon, although hunting can be more symbolic. Because the van, which can weigh up to four tons on monster tires, is not particularly fast but is trimmed for extreme reliability and durability. Far out on the tundra, that counts for a lot more than a funny acceleration. The Rocket Z is available in two versions. The Rocket Z 210 is a two-axle vehicle that, at 4.89 meters, is no longer than a BMW X5. But much more useful. The driver sits in the middle, behind him an open loading area with longitudinal seats that can be converted into a bed.

TechnoImpulsRocket Z as 4x4 and 6x6

The Rocket Z 310 is more lush, the three-axle vehicle with all-wheel drive stretches over 6.34 meters in total. The height (2.69 meters) and width (2.49 meters) are identical for both variants. The advantage of the three-axle vehicle is, of course, its considerably larger loading space, which is even better suited for conversion to a mobile home. What is striking about the Technoimpuls Rocket Z is the quality of workmanship. While some such vehicles from Russia look a bit “hand-knitted”, the interior structure, the body and the material used are neatly put together here, just like in mass production.

The TechnoImpuls Rocket Z achieves the enormous ground clearance of 60 centimeters through the use of portal axes. The driver sits practically on the front axle, while the Hyundai diesel is installed as a mid-engine behind him. The engine cooler is installed on the side of the vehicle, which protects it from damage in the field. In contrast to some other such vehicles from Russia, the Rocket Z is not floatable, the model relies solely on the huge balloon tires (1300x700 /21) so that it goes forward and not down in deep snow or in the swamp.

If you want to purchase a TechnoImpuls Rocket Z, you have three models to choose from. The two-axle vehicle with closed box van is available for the equivalent of 74,347 euros. The three-axle vehicle is available with a closed box body and as a truck variant with a driver's cab and open loading area. The latter costs 78,350 euros, the box 6x6, which is particularly suitable as an expedition vehicle, is the most expensive variant with a price of the equivalent of 83,670 euros


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