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Suzuki Jimny made of Lego: Small SUV made of blocks

User TzyHerr91 built a Suzuki Jimny out of Lego bricks and presented his project on Lego Ideas. Now he is looking for enough supporters to make his unique piece into a complete kit.

With Lego Ideas, the building block manufacturer maintains a platform on which Lego fans can present the projects they have created themselves. If there are enough supporters here, your own model can possibly become a real Lego kit. You have to reach 10,000 supporters before you join the circle of Lego Ideas designers. And only then does Lego actually take a closer look at its own design and possibly consider adapting it to the kit program.,

Edged like the original

As of the reporting date, TzyHerr91 has been able to collect 536 supporters for his Suzuki Jimny Sierra . The model shows the small all-wheel drive SUV of the fourth generation . The angular Lego bricks accommodate the angular shape of the original. TyzHerr91 designed the roof of the Jimny in black, the body in the striking yellow tone that can also decorate the production car if desired.,

The model structure follows the original in proper style. The basis is a ladder frame. The complete drive train, including the four-cylinder engine and exhaust system, is shown in detail. The Jimny is also extremely playful in the interior. Pedals, controls, displays and switches - everything is there. Even things like seat adjustment or openers in the doors are specially designed. The tailgate, doors and front hood can be opened, the seats can be folded and moved lengthways. A foldable rear seat provides more space in the trunk. If you want to explore more details in the engine compartment, you can remove the hood. The steering and the suspension are also functional.

By the way, TyzHerr91 built the Jimny for his fiancee. It's her dream car. If you too are dreaming of a Lego Jimny – TyzHerr91 would be happy to receive any votes for his design. If you don't want to wait that long, you can already buy a Jimny made of building blocks as a kit here.,


A Lego fan has recreated his fiancee's dream car. Now he is looking for supporters for his Suzuki Jimny Sierra project via the Lego Ideas platform. Maybe it will become a real Lego kit.


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