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Subaru Forester e-Boxer in the test

Achim Hartmann
Subaru Forester e-Boxer tested
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A ch, it is terribly modern, To constantly reinvent yourself or at least to discover hidden talents within yourself. People tend to forget that there is usually a shockingly unspectacular but definitely good reason to always do one thing the same: because it works. And with that curtain up on the Forester.

He hasn't had the same thing with reinventing for 23 years. Even someone who changes after three and a half decades from an 1800 Super Station directly to the fifth Forester generation is not expected to get used to too much. Because such a Subaru is above all a Subaru, with a boxer engine and all-wheel drive. Yes, yes, it was still switchable on the 1800, but is permanent on the Forester. And of course it has also developed considerably in other respects, comes as standard with a well-positioned assistance armada, can now even remember the setting preferences of five drivers and adjusts the seat and exterior mirrors if it recognizes the respective pilot with the interior camera.

Achim Hartmann
The cockpit design has long since found a style that, like the choice of materials, characterizes durability rather than elegance.

The Forester is now also based on the global platform, which, in addition to higher torsional rigidity and crash resistance, should enable nimble handling through more direct steering and a lower center of gravity . Yes, exactly: should. Above all, it creates a lot of space for the 4.63 meter high SUV (22 cm ground clearance).

Booster cake

Under the floor of the large, remotely unlocked variable load compartment (509-1,779 liters) the technicians at the e-Boxer cleared awaythe lithium-ion battery, which supplies the 12 kW /66 Nm electric motor with energy. The machine is housed in the gearbox and can drive the 1.7-tonner up to 1.6 km and 40 km /h on its own with a fully charged battery. Otherwise it boosts the two-liter suction boxer, causing the Subaru to drive off and pull through without ever giving the impression of elevated dynamism.

Achim Hartmann
The electric motor can drive the 1.7 ton truck up to 1, Drive 6 kilometers and 40 km /h on your own.

The on and off of the drives, the recuperation and boosting work smoothly. Subaru's enthusiasm for the CVT transmission, which we do not otherwise share, makes sense. Only: The conventional hybrid (9.2 l /100 km in the test) was not even driven cautiously. Which is the only driving style you should strive for anyway in the Forester. Then he stays quiet, bounces around and can tackle all these foolishly winding curves in the area hurriedly. So with the Forester everything is as usual? Definitely, but somehow always beautiful.


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