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Subaru Forester anniversary model 30 years

Torsten Seibt
Driving report Subaru Forester anniversary model
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W aid men have always been among the most loyal customers of the Japanese all-wheel drive Pioneer Subaru. All the more regrettable for the die-hard fans from the woods and fields that the Subaru Forester was not available in one color: green. The wait is over for the 30th anniversary celebration. The associated special model of the Subaru Forester is not only dedicated to the stalking guild with an optional weapon compartment in the rear compartment. It also shines in 'Deep Pearl Green'.

The gas conversion increases the range

Additional niceties on the 30-year-old Rangers include the so-called sports grill with a grid look, a roof spoiler and the darkening of the rear compartment with a sun protection grille. For a short test drive with the jubilee, we took the two-liter gasoline engine with 150 hp and manual transmission. Also on board: Subaru's 'ecomatic' baptized LPG gas system.

In petrol mode, the Forester goes about his day's work with great motivation, provided you keep him in a good mood and work the upper end of the rev counter. Nevertheless, it can be moved at low speed - with the foam braked - without becoming a traffic obstruction. In terms of the fuel bill, gas operation is more economical, but also in terms of temperament. Subjectively, the engine looks a bit tighter in LPG mode.

The Subaru Forester has a reduction

The gas conversion is always carried out at Subaru at the local dealer - at a fixed price. The gas tank is hidden in the spare wheel well, and you switch over at the push of a button on the dashboard. With the 53 liter gas tank, the range is increased accordingly by around 400 kilometers. The conversion costs for gas operation amount to around 2,900 euros, the vehicle guarantee is retained.

The Forester with its gasoline engine and manual transmission has a small but fine detail ahead of the rest of the SUV on the market: it has a reduction gear . The synchronized terrain level can also be engaged while driving with the gear lever and shortens the gears by a factor of 1: 1.45. Compared to reduction gears in conventional off-road vehicles, this is not excessive, but it still has decisive advantages. Not only for the more controlled, because slower, off-road driving. Even in trailer operation (the Forester can hook up to two tons)Reduction, for example, when maneuvering or on steep inclines is a welcome help.

Price advantage of up to 5000 euros

According to Subaru, the price advantage of the edition model is depending depending on the chosen starting point (the extras are available for all Forester model series) at up to 2,046 euros. In addition, there is a warranty extension to four years for the special model. In addition, the diesel boxer is available for a limited period at a petrol price, which saves a further 2,700 euros on purchase, depending on the equipment. The prices of the diesel Subaru in the anniversary edition start at 27,600 euros - the gasoline engine is available from 25,090 euros.


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