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Sony Vision Crossover: Can you see electric model number 2 here?

Sony Vision Crossover
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D he scene is only brief: the Vision S rolls out of a darkened area Garage and another car can be seen in the background. We took the liberty of illuminating a corresponding screenshot and actually shows the front of another model.

Vision S with detached body elements

You can see the typical Sony Vision S font with the narrow headlights and the light band. However, the model appears a bit higher. Another apron with separate elements and a white underride guard can also be seen. In addition, the wheel arches also appear in black.

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Probably another model with similar technology from the Vision S will be launched. In cooperation with Magna Steyr, Bosch, Continental and ZF as well as other suppliers, a specially developed platform was set up to carry the hatchback sedan. The study is powered by two electric motors, each with an output of 200 kW. The system output is 400 kW or 536 PS at the start. The all-wheel drive study should whir to 100 km /h in 4.8 seconds and be a maximum of 240 km /h. The platform is also suitable for displaying other body shapes. Even then, Sony had an SUV, a coupé or a mini-van in prospect.


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