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Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI in the driving report: Little engine, lots of fun

Stephan Lindloff
Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI in the driving report
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B asis motorization - and then also with a meager 1 , 2 liter displacement. That sounds suspiciously like overtaking maneuvers with a sweat-sweat guarantee and motorway inclines behind truck-soot clouds.

First Skoda with the small turbo engine

Not so in the case of the Yeti. He is the first to enjoy Skoda the smallest VW TSI four-cylinder, which thanks to turbocharging bring it to 105 hp and, more importantly, 175 Nm torque from 1,500 rpm. Equipped in this way, the direct injection engine works right from the start and revs up lively. Given the large frontal area, it is forgivable that he runs out of air beyond 150 km /h. Even his well-groomed manners and the appropriate test consumption of 7.8 L /100 km rarely make the desire for a more powerful engine arise.

Skoda does without all-wheel drive in the Yeti

Since most compact SUVs only know off-road tours from hearsay, Skoda does without the 1.2-liter to offer with all-wheel drive. However, it is annoying that there is no air conditioning for the basic model. However, the Active variant with air conditioning and radio costs just over 20,000 euros. A reasonable price, after all the Skoda convinces Yeti with a lot of space, high variability, solid workmanship, sensitive handling and good comfort. And all of this already with the basic engine.


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