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Skoda Karoq facelift (2019): Skoda upgrades the SUV

Skoda Karoq facelift (2019)
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N after the model variants Sportline and Scout, the other Karoq versions now also have a new top engine. The 190 PS two-liter TDI is now also available in the equipment lines Ambition (from 35,290 euros) and Style (at least 36,890 euros) as well as in the special model Soleil available for 37,240 euros. The turbodiesel is only available in combination with all-wheel drive and seven-speed DSG.

Assistance systems and Keyless-Go improved

Another innovation: the adaptive DCC chassis with its Comfort modes, Normal and Sport can no longer only be ordered for all-wheel drive vehicles, but also in conjunction with front-wheel drive. The only condition: the selected engine must have at least 150 hp. In addition, Skoda improves some in the course of the facelift Assistance systems. The lane change assistant now also detects cars that are still 70 meters away but are approaching at high speed and warns the driver accordingly. By moving the warning light from the exterior mirror to its housing, it should also be more visible. In addition, Skoda carries out proactive occupant protection in the Karoq one that closes the windows and tightens belts in the event of an impending impact. From now on, the safety system is available together with side airbags in the rear.

Visually, one small thing changes: As with the new Scala, Skoda also writes the brand name in single letters on the tailgate of the Karoq. Inside there is now the optional Virtual Cockpit: the 10.2-inch display behind the steering wheel can be individually adjusted. And the manufacturer is improving the keyless entry system. The Karoq key is now equipped with a motion detector. If the key is idle, it does not send any signals. In this way, range amplifiers should not have a chance to pick up signals and thus give thieves the opportunity to open the vehicle without authorization.


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