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Skoda Greenline models: The economy versions from Yeti and Co.

Skoda Greenline models
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A contradiction in terms - the Skoda Y eti with Greenline technology? After all, one can assume that buyers who are concerned about low fuel consumption do not resort to off-road vehicles. Because with its large frontal area and weight-boosting all-wheel drive, it basically has poor prerequisites for saving. But you can also argue differently: off-roaders need to be trimmed with fuel-saving tricks for cheaper consumption and thus also for lower emissions.

Skoda Greenline in every model family

Be it drum. Skoda offers from the second Greenline generation in every model family a low-emission, economical version, including the Skoda Yeti. The Greenline variant consequently dispenses with all-wheel-drive technology; like the Yeti in the entry-level version with 1.2 TSI engine, it only has front-wheel drive. The second special feature is the use of another turbo diesel with a displacement of 1.6 liters, which, like the entry-level petrol version, has an output of 105 hp. Too little to buy a 1.4 ton off-road vehicle like the Skoda Yeti to move appropriately? Not at all. Because the somewhat rough and noisy machine gets down to business in the lower range and always reacts spontaneously to accelerator commands, the green Skoda Yeti has a spirited effect.

This impression is also underscored by its remarkable maneuverability up to 5,000 tours for a diesel . However, there are downsides: In the incredibly long translated fifth gear, the Skoda Yeti does not pull the sausage off the plate in the driving report. The large step is ideally used as a rolling gear on country roads, but not as a full-fledged drive.

Skoda Yeti should only consume 4.6 liters per 100 km

Saver foxes can still be satisfied with the performance: According to the factory, the Skoda Yeti sprints from zero in 12.1 seconds to 100 km /h and runs at least 176 km /h. The Skoda Yeti only shows its new strength at the petrol pump. Because according to the ECE standard, he only consumes 4.6 liters per 100 km. This results in CO2 emissions of 119 grams per kilometer. These are test bench results, but also top values ​​in the classcompact off-road vehicle. A whole package of specific measures contributes to these favorable results, such as the well-functioning start-stop system, energy recovery during braking, tires with optimized rolling resistance and lowering the body by 25 millimeters.

The last two points reduce the suspension comfort on short bumps and increase the rolling noise of the Skoda Yeti in the driving report. Otherwise, the front-wheel-driven Greenline version also shines with well-known Yeti virtues: plenty of space, a varied seating concept, practical equipment and safe driving characteristics. The price should also be within an acceptable range: around 25,200 euros.


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