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Skoda Enyaq iV facelift 2022: New software optimizes range and connectivity

Skoda is giving its MEB electric SUV a software update that has a positive effect in several ways. Existing cars also benefit from this.

If cars can be refreshed digitally and wirelessly, this ideally brings three elementary advantages. First: The model maintenance cycles are becoming significantly shorter. Second: The owners of cars that have already been sold can also benefit from the innovations. And thirdly: Customers do not have to go to the workshop for every software update. Skoda will launch a model refresh for the Enyaq iV in summer 2022, which, however, only combines two of these advantages.

The electric SUV gets the new software ME3, which has an impact in several ways. First and foremost, the range benefits from this, because the battery is now brought into the optimum temperature window more quickly and kept there longer. So far, however, Skoda has only mentioned new ranges for the Enyaq Coupé , which immediately benefited from the innovations with the start of production. The rear-wheel drive 60-series version with a 62-kilowatt-hour battery should cover a distance of 416 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. The Skoda Enyaq Coupé iV 80 with rear engine and 82-kilowatt-hour battery has a range of 544 kilometers. The data sheet says 520 kilometers for its twin-engine all-wheel drive version.

Charge faster or save battery

The software update brings another advantage over long distances: The Enyaq can charge faster in the future, with up to 120 (with a small battery) or even 135 kW (with a large battery). This reduces the charging time from ten to 80 percent of the battery capacity to 35 minutes. The new battery care mode does the exact opposite. This means that the battery is only charged up to a maximum of 80 percent during the next charging process. In addition, the program reduces the DC charging speed and the maximum charging power to avoid power peaks. This should extend the life of the energy storage.

The ME3 software also gives the all-wheel drive versions of the Skoda Enyaq a new driving profile. The "Traction" mode is intended for driving on unpaved roads or slippery surfaces and offers constant four-wheel drive at speeds of up to 20 km/h. In this tuning, inter alia, the anti-slip regulation (ASR) intervenes less when starting off.

Monitors that are easier to use and read

Charging control is also made easier. An alternative charging station can be integrated into the current route in the navigation system using the "Add" button. The charging and range graphic now also includes the display of the destination and necessary charging breaks. For all planned "refueling stops" the remaining battery capacity and the planned charging time are given in detail.

The refreshed software also affects the interior.The digital instruments now show the Enyaq's distance from nearby vehicles differently and now provide information about the driving data as a separate profile on the right-hand edge and about the remaining battery capacity as a percentage. The latter is now also presented in the image of the head-up display, which from now on also includes a three-dimensional representation of the distance to the destination. Skoda has also adapted and improved the look of the central infotainment screen – especially that of the navigation – as well as some connectivity functions. The electric SUV should also benefit from the ME3 software in the form of an improved image from the reversing camera and assistance systems that are more intuitive to use.

Also available for existing cars

All newly built examples of the Skoda Enyaq iV, including the coupé version, benefit directly from the intelligent software control. Customers who are already using their car can also get it from the second half of 2022 – free of charge. To do this, however, they must visit a Skoda workshop.


Skoda is giving the Enyaq iV and its coupé version new software that is supposed to have a positive effect on everything related to the battery and some interior functions. Existing customers can also benefit from the new features free of charge, but they have to go to an authorized workshop.


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