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Seres from SF Motors: Chinese-American electric SUV

Seres from SF Motors
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E in start-up that sells electric cars and conquers the world from California: Of course, you immediately feel reminded of Tesla. But this is not about Elon Musk, Gigafactorys or production and delivery difficulties. It's about SF Motors from Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, which was founded in January 2016 by John Zhang and first has to get to where Tesla is already. The Chinese car company Dongfeng Sokon, to which the start-up belongs, is to help. Other partners are Bosch, Nvidia and Samsung as well as the Chinese internet giants Baidu and Alibaba. Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard, who brought his battery start-up InEVit to SF Motors, is also on board.

Seres SF5 with 500 km NEDC range

Now has the company announced that it would market its cars under the Seres brand. The start should be successful with two models that stand out with their pleasing design and spectacular light signature: the SF5 and SF7. Seres positions the SF5 as a classic compact SUV, while the significantly larger SF7 bears the premium label and is integrated into the SUV coupé class. Both cars are expected to travel more than 500 kilometers on one battery charge, with a 90-kilowatt battery for the SF5 and a 100-kWh battery for the SF7. However, the range is based on the NEDC cycle.

SF Motors
The SUV coupé SF7 is to be the second model from SF Motors /Seres.

So far, more specific data is only available for the SF5, the production version of which is debuting at the Shanghai Auto Show. The electric SUV has an output of 510 kW (693 hp) and delivers a maximum torque of 1,040 Newton meters. The performance values: 3.5 seconds from zero to one hundred and a top speed of 250 km /h. The second model variant is an SF5 with a 33 kilowatt hour battery and range extender. You should go from zero in 4.8 secondsAccelerate to a hundred and drive a maximum of 230 km /h.

17-inch monitor, 64 ambient colors

Both versions have the V2V function, with which two electric vehicles mutually interact can load. In addition, over 30 active and passive safety systems and a lightweight aluminum chassis that has been specially adapted to the electric drive train. The infotainment system is controlled by a central 17-inch monitor that works with an Alibaba operating system. The ambient lighting can be selected from 64 colors.

SF Motors
The SF5 is 4.70 meters long, the wheelbase is 2.88 meters.

What is striking: In contrast to the study presented in 2018, the SF5 in the production version has normal headlights, rear lights and exterior mirrors. As with Tesla, the door handles are countersunk in the body and do not come out until they are used. The external dimensions: 4.70 meters long, 1.93 meters wide, 1.63 meters high and 2.88 meters wheelbase.

Electric cars from the ex-Hummer factory

That SF Motors wants to have developed the battery system itself as well as the 'range of different engine types'. The manufacturer wants to be able to install drive trains with two, three or four motors. And garnished with rear axles, which are supposed to offer the highest level of performance and stability via torque vectoring. The start-up is also developing the sensor technology, including lidar, radar, ultrasound and HD camera technologies, with which the SF5 and SF7 should drive autonomously from at least level 3 and park independently. The self-learning interface between man and machine is also created at SF Motors. Production is said to be located both in Chongqing, China, and in the former Hummer plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA.

The original plan to deliver the first cars in early 2019 obviously failed. Now it should start in the Chinese market in autumn. SF Motors will comment on the prices at the Shanghai Auto Show; the order books will be opened at the same time as the auto show in the Chinese metropolis. The goals are ambitious: The company aims to produce a total of 200,000 cars per yearbuild - a quarter of them in the US and the rest in China.


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