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SCG Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Boot: All information

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus
SCG Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Boot
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A utofan and multimillionaire James Glickenhaus did so far with the Building extreme sports cars attracts attention. His car manufacturer Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus also wants to enter the off-road business with the extreme off-road vehicle “The Boot”. In November 2019 the 'boat' competed in the Baja 1000. This appearance was particularly explosive, as shortly beforehand Ford also announced with its new Bronco R for PR purposes that it would drive the Baja - as a PR scoop to teaser the series Bronco. So the new Baja boat from Glickenhaus met the new Bronco and brought the duel from 1969 to life again. In 1969, the Baja boat with actor and amateur racing driver Steve McQueen came out on top. The boat also triumphed in 2019, because the Ford Bronco failed. The boat won its class, in which otherwise only the Ford was on the road, but with a time of just under 34 hours the boat was only classified as the penultimate vehicle at the finish. The overall winner had already crossed the finish line after 16 hours and ten minutes. At Baja 2020 it will be different, announced Glickenhaus on Facebook. A 900 hp model will be built, which will then even compete for the overall victory.

In addition to the Baja commitment, Glickenhaus also aims high. To demonstrate the capabilities of the new model, “The Boot” is supposed to break the world record for all-wheel-drive vehicles and climb the 6,893-meter-high volcano Ojos del Salado in South America. In 2014, a German team under Matthias Jeschke set the mark at 6,675 meters with a Mercedes Zetros truck. In addition, the model is to cover the entire route from New York to St. Petersburg to Paris - including “crossing” the Bering Sea with strapped pontos.

Central driver's seat position and V8 mid-engine

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus
Left: The Baja boat, of which there are only two copies. Right: The Glickenhaus Boot, of which there will only be five copies.

'The Boot' is optically ajar only gave design drawings and computer retouching to a Baja desert racer. At the time, only two examples of the desert racer, named Baja Boot, were made - one of which is owned by Glickenhaus today. Huge wheels sit under widely protruding fenders, the spare wheel sits on the rear. The V8 sucks in via a roof snorkel. Solid protective bars adorn the front, rear flanks and the rest of the body. The first pictures, also together with the Baja boat, are now available and they show that the computer retouching was not just a fantasy.

Not all key data of the off-road vehicle, which is built as a two- and four-door version, are known yet . In the two-door model, the driver is positioned in the middle of the cockpit between two passenger seats; a 650 hp V8 in a mid-engine configuration will provide the drive. The eight-cylinder should be able to be adapted in a variety of ways to customer requirements and also be available in a turbo version. An automatic transmission is considered to be set.

With child seat for five-seater


According to current planning, the two-door 'boat' should take off in the course of 2019, the four-door version will follow in 2020. It will then have a seating configuration with four single seats, with the two front seats close together and the rear ones pushed outwards will. So all passengers should be able to see clearly and enjoy a lot of space. A special child seat can also be mounted on the rear center console. This will make the boat a quasi five-seater.

Five vehicles were planned for 2019 and 17 vehicles for 2020. The base price should be around $ 290,000 for the two-door version. If armoring is desired, an additional charge of around $ 167,000 is due. “The Boot” is even street legal.


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