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Rezvani Vengeance: Bulletproof VIP tank SUV

Rezvani brings another armored luxury SUV with the Vengeance. It used to be a Cadillac Escalade and comes with up to eight seats.

The car manufacturer Rezvani from Irvine, California is known for unusual creations. Now, Rezvani Motors is adding the Vengeance to its portfolio, a fully armored luxury SUV that seats up to eight on the Cadillac Escalade platform.,

The Escalade lineage is immediately evident in the interior. Here Rezvani takes over the complete Cadillac interior including a 38-inch curved OLED screen, enriched by numerous other leather surfaces. Depending on the seat configuration, seven or eight passengers can be accommodated in the three rows. The basic equipment includes electrically adjustable seats (mostly heated), a three-zone air conditioning system, a large sound system, a panoramic roof and an extensive range of connectivity. On request and for an additional charge of $125,000, the two rear rows of seats can be replaced by a luxury seating system consisting of two reclining seats as well as a bar, TV and multimedia screens.

Not recognizable as an Escalade from the outside

If the viewer moves outside, the Escalade reference disappears immediately. The almost 5.60 meters long, 2.23 meters wide and 1.98 meters high Vengeance is under a fiberglass body shell, which comes from the pen of video game designer Milen Ivanov. Accordingly, the Vengeance looks like a tank from a science fiction series with a slight influence from the GMC Hummer. 22-inch rims fitted with 35-inch off-road tires are in the flared wheel arches.,

In the standard version, the Vengeance comes with a 6.2-liter V8 naturally aspirated petrol engine that delivers 420 hp and 623 Nm via a ten-speed automatic transmission passed on to the rear wheels. An all-wheel drive variant is also available for an additional charge. If you need a little less power, there is also a three-liter turbo diesel with 277 hp and 623 Nm of torque. It can also be combined with rear or all-wheel drive. If you draw a line under your order here, you will be there with almost 250,000 dollars. $85,000 more lets a 682 hp supercharged version of the V8 go under the hood.

Armor on request

The Military Package for a price of 95,000 dollars is practically a must for a model with the look of the Vengeance. With this, the armor moves under the fiberglass body, which everyone suspects underneath anyway. There are also armored windows, a massive underbody paneling to protect against explosive attacks, puncture-proof military tires and a chassis adapted to the additional weight. Also on board are a thermal night vision system, anti-electromagnetic pulse defense, a smoke generator, 360-degree video surveillance, door handles that can be energized, and an intercom system for emergency communications.Personal safety equipment is also available for the passengers. It includes, among other things, a bulletproof vest, a helmet, a gas mask, pepper spray and an emergency medical kit.

Of course, the Vengeance can be further upgraded. You can choose from a cable winch at the front, individualized logos for the projection of the door headlights, various additional headlights, an on-board safe, a weapon compartment or even a mobile solar module. Pulling all the options ends up somewhere around $600,000. On the other hand, the Vengeance becomes a mobile stronghold that should never lack attention. But even if the Vengeance looks incredibly evil, according to Rezvani it is suitable as a fully suitable daily driver. ,


With the Vengeance, Rezvani brings a new super-luxury SUV that once again has a military vehicle look, is armored if desired and offers space for up to eight passengers. The basis provides the Cadillac Escalade.


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