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Renault Koleos in the driving report: Refreshed and upgraded

Renault Koleos in the driving report
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D he competition in the currently booming compact SUV segment is tough . Renault also had to find out: The Renault Koleos could not tear much so far. With a length of 4.52 meters, it fits between Nissan Qashqai and Hyundai Santa Fe, in the vicinity of Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan and Ford Kuga.

The accusation of a staid design is countered with a new one Face as well as LED turn signals in the exterior mirrors. So dressed up, it is now easier to search for the talents of the Renault Koleos. The seating position is elevated, typical of the class, and the overview is good. Soft foamed surfaces, easy-to-grip plastics and precisely working buttons and controls convey a pleasant impression of quality.

Renault Koleos with very extensive standard equipment

Also pleasant: the extensive standard equipment of the Renault Koleos, which is available from 28,990 euros including navigation system, stereo and two-zone air conditioning, keyless entry, parking aid, 17-inch wheels and more. Who, like 90 percent of customers, opts for “Night and Day” (surcharge 2,500 euros) even gets an 18-inch model, panorama roof, leather upholstery, sound system, etc. Practical: the horizontally split tailgate and the “Easybreak” -System ', in which the rear seats snap up on a lever and the seat backs lie flat. The luggage compartment of the Renault Koleos has increased from 450 to 1,380 liters, and with the front passenger seat folded down, there is a loading length of 2.60 meters. Not to forget the 70 liter storage space including a storage box in the center console.

Two-liter diesel of the Renault Koleos convinces

And how does the Renault Koleos drive? As before - its steering works indirectly, the handling is surprisingly sluggish for size and weight. In return, the compact SUV accepts even unkempt slopes without annoying bumps, but consistently leaves precise feedback to others.

The optional all-wheel drive helps off-road, while the even punch of the two-liter diesel with 150 and 173 hp is impressive everywhere. After a revision, both versions should consume less, but are noticeable under load because of their mediocre running smoothness. Let's see if that's enough for the Renault Koleos to play along with the compact SUV.


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