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Recall Volvo XC40: starter defective

Volvo is recalling the XC40 to the workshops in Germany. The starter may be defective on this model.

Volvo confirmed the recall to auto-motor-und-sport.de, affecting 1,403 vehicles from the 2019 model year. "In a limited number of vehicles, the starter may fail," says Volvo.

Volvo XC40 can no longer start

This is noticeable with a "noise" or the "engine not starting". "In the worst case, this can happen in a stop/start situation".

A software update must be carried out in the workshop, the duration of the workshop stay is not known. The Volvo contract partners have been informed of the recall, and the carmaker has given the start date as December 9th, 2021. The Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg will be informed promptly. The processing of the recall is registered via the Volvo internal system. Independent workshops do not have access to it.


In just over 1,400 Volvo XC40s, the starter can be defective. This can mean that the model no longer starts - even in a start-stop situation. New software is installed in the workshop.


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