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Range Rover SVAutobiography in the driving report: Long live the king

Land Rover
Driving report Range Rover SVAutobiography
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C hallenge accepted: you accepted the challenge at Land Rover . And switched on the special department. Special Vehicles, the group team for special customer requests, has taken on the Range Rover and found room for improvement.

That has to be, because gradually things are getting a bit tight in the exclusive club of super SUVs. Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, they all want the Range Rover on the noble leather. The old monarch has to show the wet research challengers again where to go.

Range Rover SVAutobiography

The result is the Range Rover, once again heavily ruffled by Special Vehicles, based on the previous one Top model Autobiography, which inherits the type designation SVAutobiography, which looks like a typo.

Country Rover
Style comes first - and the new Range Rover SVAutobiography does it particularly well.

Basically, the SVAutobiography variant is available with any engine and in both wheelbases. Theoretically, Sparefrohs could also use the short hybrid model. In practice, however, the Wennschondennschon mode applies to the Range Rover SVAutobiography. So long, V8, compressor.

There are two reasons why it should be handled this way. Because first, Land Rover is granting the Supercharged V8 in SVAutobiography another 40 hp and 55 Nm of extra torque. And even if that is only a small extra scoop in relation to the total output of the five-liter testosterone package - you still like to take it with you.

Lounge chair with massage function

That the long wheelbase is also to be preferred,A look in row two of the test car proves this (see picture gallery). Anyone who takes a seat on the umpteen-fold adjustable lounge and reclining chairs with what feels like three meters of legroom can actually only feel pity for the people sitting in front. Hiring a driver in addition to purchasing the Range Rover SVAutobiography is therefore not the worst idea.

In addition to all the space and the nice extra performance, the SV differs from a dull Autobiography Range Rover in numerous other details . Apart from other color accents and chrome applications, these include, for example, the air-conditioned business class seats with massage function in row two, extendable tables, cool boxes, angora carpets; Leather on the left, right and top, a Meridian sound system with 1.7 kilowatts of power, an entertainment package with color screens at the rear. And. And. And.

Land Rover
550 hp exclusively for SVAutobiography - of course you are happy to take it with you.

In short: the Range Rover SVAutobiography 5.0 LWB is really well equipped. Not that everything is over after the transfer of 196,000 euros to the friendly Land Rover dealer. The inclined customer can also invest in extras, such as the dual-tone paintwork applied to the test car (11,934 euros) or spend 7,344 euros on the hand-made picnic seats in the trunk. The pull-out load compartment floor in walnut wood for around 3,500 euros is almost free.

The inevitable end result: after staying in a Range Rover SVAutobiography, switching to a solid German mid-range car can turn the corners of your mouth down .

At 200,000 euros it's not over yet

But I'm still in it. So departure. It's not that easy, because the supercharged V8 was obviously given berserk petrol. Softly caressing the right pedal and you move forward so boldly that you want ten to twenty red lights over the next two kilometers. That would immediately clarify the matter with the spontaneous start. However, riot starts were seldom like thisdistinguished as with the great Briton, because apart from the kick in the cross, which passers-by do not notice anyway, it is the politeness in person. No wild brawl, no squeaky rubber, it just goes ahead.

The spectacle can of course be enjoyed at higher speeds outside of town, although the V8 does not become a roaring monster there either. A pithy, throaty, metallic trumpet is all that the compressor motor can elicit when the foot becomes heavy. The ZF eight-speed automaton adjusts the gears to match without you wanting to think about it, because it's just fine anyway.

Land Rover writes 'Sporty suspension setup' in the SVAutobiography data sheet. Something like that in one of the most capable SUVs of today could certainly be philosophized, but it would do the Range Rover SVAutobiography injustice. Because despite this fine-tuning and despite the 22-inch low-profile tires, it is not a rock-hard lumberjack, the air suspension and adaptive dampers are against it.

Sporty tuning in the Range Rover SVAutobiography

Noticeable however, is how purposefully and directly the Range Rover SVAutobiography reacts to steering commands, every tiny movement on the steering wheel is implemented immediately. The seating position one and a half stories higher than in a similarly powerful sports car makes it feel a bit special, especially since the flattering leather seats have never heard the word lateral support.

It should be up to 250 km /h Range Rover SVAutobiography can hammer to the max, as long as it is on the optional 22-inch wheels. But not here and not today. The virtual fuel needle in the color display also likes that better, the Range Rover has not carried real instruments for a long time. Instead, it is now cruising and flattered, which the Range Rover has always been able to do best.

End the day with the panoramic view from the traditionally huge windows, that could go on for a while. But unfortunately the people at Land Rover have something against it and want the car back. It's a shame.


He can still do it, the head of the family. This mixture of unconditional luxury and the finest workmanship, without appearing new rich or ostentatious, still gives it a unique position, although the competition in the upper-upper league would also like to take the throne. But fat performance, exorbitant price tag and exquisite material alone are not enough if the style is missing. The British design icon will probably remain the benchmark for a while.


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