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Range Rover SV Lansdowne Edition for 280,000 euros

Land Rover offers its customers an individually equipped Range Rover SV in the Lansdowne Edition. The English build only 16 of the SUV, which costs 250,000 pounds.

Luxury as far as the eye can see. This is what the English brand Land Rover promises with a special edition for their Range Rover SV. The SUV is limited to 16 cars and costs a whopping £250,000. That's the equivalent of more than 280,000 euros. The basis is the 2022 newly introduced and now fifth generation of the model series.

In honor of a new luxury boutique in London's Mayfair, the British luxury brand Land Rover presented the special version of the Range Rover SV. The color scheme of the car is said to be inspired by the upscale architecture in Mayfair. The expensive district is considered one of the most attractive residential areas in London, the real estate prices are comparatively high. An ideal place to introduce the limited edition luxury SUV.

Gray on the outside - rosewood on the inside

When it came to the color, the English decided on a glossy grey, which they complemented with anthracite accents. The special edition rolls over the asphalt on 23-inch wheels. The forged wheels were kept in black and gray.

The reason why the car is so expensive is explained by looking at the interior. There is a rosewood interior. This has been a highly valued precious wood for centuries. But also fine leather, black ceramics and blackened metal upgrade the Range Rover on the inside. The carpets made of mohair, which comes from the hair of Angora goats, visually round off the interior of the SUV.

On the front and back of the car, Land Rover places a black chrome metal logo. This is what the British jeweler Fattorini designed for the limited edition. Under the hood, the brand relies on the proven 4.4-liter V8 with 530 hp. The engine in the luxury SUV of the English comes from BMW.

Range Rover SV Lansdowne Edition already sold out

However, if you're keen on the Land Rover now, you might be disappointed. The 16 copies are already sold out. In addition, the version is only available for the British market - and as a right-hand drive. So fans of the model have to be content with more ordinary Range Rovers. There, the entry-level price starts at 125,900 euros - significantly cheaper than the special model, but the buyer does not get an exclusive car that should provide good value retention.


Land Rover launches a special model with the Range Rover SV Lansdowne Edition. The 530 hp SUV shines with the finest materials in the interior and a whopping price of 250,000 pounds. The limited number of 16 copies is already sold out and should ensure that the special edition retains its value.


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