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Range Rover Evoque new (2019): data, prices, market launch

Land Rover
New Range Rover Evoque (2019)
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D er new Range Rover Evoque takes over the distinctive design features of its predecessor. The sloping roof and the rising beltline give the compact SUV a dynamic look. Otherwise, chief designer Gerry McGovern is continuing what he started with the Velar: the surfaces are smoothed, the car looks like it is made of one piece. Only the rear, which is equipped with a diffuser, breaks out of the visual calm a little. The wide wheel arches create a strong look and can accommodate up to 21-inch wheels on request. Narrow matrix LED headlights provide light and dynamic flashing lights when turning.

Land Rover
The driver can choose between a classic mirror view or a screen view ( Select image).

Inside, too, the Evoque adopts the clean look of the Velar - especially the dark, smooth center console with the two mechanical rotary control Wrestling is reminiscent of the next larger model brother. In front of the driver there is a colored head-up display and three monitors: a 12.3-inch instrument screen, a ten-inch infotainment screen and a 9.5-inch interior mirror screen. The picture for theInside mirror screen comes from a 1.7 megapixel camera that looks back from the shark antenna on the roof at an angle of 50 degrees. This is an advantage when a fully loaded luggage compartment obstructs the view of the classic interior mirror. The camera is equipped with a water-repellent lens and a protective lip against dirt and water. The said classic interior mirror is still available: Pulling a small lever at the bottom of the mirror changes its angle slightly, at the same time the screen switches off and a real reflection can be seen. For a better overview without electronic helpers, the shoulder line has been lowered by 20 millimeters.

Land Rover
The interior is reminiscent of that of the Velar. Behind the sleek climate control unit with the two rotary switches is a storage space accessible from the sides.

There is no seat cover material for the new Evoque Leather only: Those who like it less animal can opt for a wool blend fabric from the Danish fabric specialist Kvadrat or a eucalyptus melange fabric. However, the interiors are not completely vegan. Range Rover cannot yet guarantee that adhesives or other additives do not contain any animal products. In terms of sustainability, the British score with the Evoque with the use of 16.7 kilograms of recycled material, for example on the engine cover, the underbody, the wheel arch linersCarpets and in the velor of the wool blend fabric, for which 53 half-liter plastic bottles are recycled per car. Range Rover also uses 16 kilograms of so-called natural materials in the load compartment floor, in the air filter, in the steering wheel and in the seats.

Artificial intelligence

Land Rover is the first of its models to equip the Range Rover Evoque a technology called Smart Settings. Artificial intelligence algorithms are to be used to teach the vehicle systems the preferences of the respective driver. The user is recognized via the remote control or his smartphone, so that the car can make the appropriate settings for the position of the steering wheel and seat before getting in. In addition, after a few trips, the system knows which day and time the driver is setting which temperature, whom he calls frequently, whether he is using the optional massage function - and also ensures the correct settings. Up to eight driver profiles can be stored in the system.

There are holders for smartphones and tablets in the rear (Android Auto and Apple Carplay are also on board). Up to eight devices can access the Internet via the vehicle's own 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. Six USB ports are distributed throughout the interior. The owner can stay in contact with his vehicle worldwide via smartphone via the InControl Remote app: He can permanently see where his Evoque is and, for example, lock and unlock it, switch on the heating and check the fuel level.

Land Rover
Optionally, ultrasonic sensors in the exterior mirror measure the depth of the water just passed through.

Of course, land lays Rover in the Range Rover Evoque again great emphasis on its off-road capabilities. The ground clearance is 212 millimeters, the approach angle is 25 degrees at the front and 30.6 degrees at the rear. The fording depth is 60 centimeters - ten centimeters deeper than before. A wading aid is available for a surcharge: Ultrasonic sensors measure the depth of the water that has just been driven through, the data can be seen on the central infotainment screen.

All-wheel drive Active Driveline

The all-wheel drive Active Driveline decouples To save fuel, drive the drive train to the rear wheels at a steady rate. If there is a risk of loss of traction, the all-wheel drive switches on again unnoticed within less than 0.3 seconds.

In the Evoque with all-wheel drive and automatic, the terrain adjustment system Terrain Response 2 is part of the standard equipment. The latest generation of technology includes the driving programs comfort, sand, grass /gravel /snow, mud and an automatic mode.

When it comes to assistance systems, ClearSight Ground View stands out above all. With this technology, which was presented as Transparent Bonnet in the Discovery Vision study in 2014, the engine compartment becomes virtually transparent: cameras in the radiator grille and in the exterior mirrors create a 180-degree field of view that is displayed on the infotainment screen. The engine compartment disappears, only the front wheels and the ground can be seen at speeds of up to 30 km /h. Further assistants are a hill descent aid, Gradient Release Control (GRC), to prevent the vehicle from moving too quickly downhill after releasing the handbrake, an off-road cruise control, an adaptive cruise control with lane keeping function, a blind spot warning, an emergency braking function and a drowsiness warning.

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