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Range Rover Evoque eD4 2WD: Refreshed SUV beauty

Land Rover
Short test of Range Rover Evoque eD4 2WD
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T he smallest Range Rover is also the largest , with 450,000 copies in four years the most successful Land Rover model ever and a real trendsetter. So that it stays that way, the Evoque now has a lifted front section with optional LED headlights, more attractive seats and door panels as well as the InControl infotainment known from the Jaguar XE with eight-inch touchscreen, smartphone integration and real-time traffic jam warning. In addition, the Coupé is no longer more expensive than the four-door, but only available with top equipment and the new aluminum diesel engines.

Range Rover Evoque with new aluminum diesel engine

In performance ( 150/180 PS) and torque (380/430 Nm), the in-house two-liter four-cylinder is on par with the previous 2.2-liter, but consumes up to 18 percent less and meets the Euro 6 standard. Even the weaker version eD4 looks cultivated and powerful, although the front-wheel drive is only available with a six-speed gearbox and stiff clutch. In any case, the nine-speed automatic transmission, which is available for all all-wheel-drive variants and no longer shifts down excessively often and makes off-road driving easier.

The new additional function ATPC for the 4WD serves the same purpose - an off-road cruise control that works uphill and downhill Maintains any preselected speed between 1.8 and 30 km /h without the driver having to do anything. With it, the Range Rover Evoque scrambles over hill and dale, and even the front-wheel drive car digs through mud and up to 50 cm deep water furrows. The surround camera system helps with orientation in confusing terrain, the new head-up display and various assistants from lane keeping to emergency braking in normal traffic.

With a panoramic or fabric roof

There, the small range is pleasing with good handiness and driving precision, circles quickly, with little roll and quite comfortably through winding terrain and is really fun.

The buyers (and the manufacturer) are apparently even more delighted with the refinement of their vehicle, because most of them invest more than 10,000 euros extra in the panorama roof, Windsor leather or one of the numerous optional packages. True trendsetters wait until next spring, when the Range Rover Evoque will even be delivered with a fabric top, currently the only SUV convertible in the world.


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