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Porsche Macan from O.CT Tuning

O.CT Tuning
Porsche Macan from O.CT Tuning
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The result of the 3,748 Euro O.CT tuning power cure for the P orsche Macan Turbo is already fun on paper: 528 hp and 710 Newton meters. So that the brute torque not only leads to black stripes on the asphalt, but also catapults the Zuffenhauser up to 100 km /h in 4.0 seconds, the transmission software had to be adapted, among other things.

Even without Performance Turbo power

Who is not the 'performance version', but only the 400 hp and 550 Newton meter strong basic turbo version of the Porsche Macan on hand, but doesn't have to mop up. O.CT Tuning offers a two-stage performance adjustment. The first stage drives the power to 455 hp and 630 Newton meters for 3,215 euros. 'If you also invest in a sports exhaust system developed by O.CT Tuning, 528 HP or 710 Nm are feasible in level 2 as with the performance-enhanced Turbo Performance', says the company based in both the Austrian Lustenau and the Swiss Widnau. The price for the last level: an impressive 7,285 euros.

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