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Porsche Cayenne Turbo with 500 PS in the driving report

Porsche Cayenne Turbo put to the test
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R ot-white curbs swipe past, the digital speedometer clicks over the 200 km /h mark, the needle on the tachometer cheerfully mills its way up the scale in the direction of 6,000 rpm. The driver concentrates on braking and turning points, the tires repeatedly whimper along the grip limit. Every now and then the driver's soul, forced into the ecological corset, simply needs a trip to the racetrack. If need be, also in a Porsche Cayenne - which is known to have its problems with both ecology and racetracks. Firstly because it is an SUV, and secondly because it is an SUV.

The new generation of the Porsche Cayenne is at least eager to gain social skills, has added a hybrid drive to the modern diesel and got put in the gym. Around 250 kilos are down, gross, because 70 kilos were owed to new crash standards and customer requirements.

Cayenne top model with V8 and 500 hp

There are still 2.1 tonnes that are worked through in the top model Turbo with 500 hp. The V8 biturbo with 4.8 liters of displacement shakes this out of its sleeve just as easily as the enormous torque of 700 Newton meters at 2,250 rpm. An average consumption of 11.5 L /100km? Forget it. So that this power does not simply uproot the curbs and then crumble, but instead is converted into as much propulsion as possible, the electronics in the new Cayenne have to work.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo: As handy as a 911?

In order to save weight, the SUV has been stripped of its reduction gear. In addition, the longitudinal and transverse locks (optional) are now electronically controlled. In the test car, the active roll stabilization PDCC (3,213 euros), an adaptive air suspension (3,498 euros) and the variable drive torque distribution on the rear axle (1,487 euros) also strive to make the 1.70 meter high Porsche look manageable like a 911 - with astonishing results Success. With only a slight side incline, it throws itself enthusiastically into tight turns in order to then suck itself further to the inner edge of the curve. To do this, however, the driver must have the courage to step on the gas very early and sensitively.

If the right foot is pushed through, the rear compartment boils violently, every gear change is commented on by the V8 with angry snort. The powerful cooling air intakes are already sniffing the next bend, the driver is happy about thatAlmost perfectly hit turn-in point - to get annoyed immediately about the wrong gear selection. Somehow it is difficult to warm up with the standard gear knobs on the steering wheel, the 410 euros surcharge for real gearshift paddles soon prove to be a sensible investment. This means that the new eight-speed automatic transmission can be optimally operated on excursions into the realm of motorsport.

Cayenne Turbo: No task is 100 percent completed

In all other situations you should simply leave it to yourself, as it sorts the gears smoothly, quickly and perfectly timed. Of course, on the racetrack as well as on the road, there is always the feeling that the Cayenne can do a lot of things, but does not really do a 100 percent job - the fate of the SUV class. For example, despite the giant wheels with a mini cross-section, it springs very well thanks to the air suspension, but something really comfortable is something else. After all, the body no longer leaves the exterior-large-interior-small impression of its predecessor, as the wheelbase has increased by 40 millimeters and the rear passengers are seated on a sliding rear bench seat.

Look and quality are now at Porsche level

The look and quality of the interior are now at the level that customers expect from a car in this price range. Even when the bass of the 1,000-watt Burmester sound system (4,781 euros) thuds strongly, no flap vibrates and no cladding rattles. However, after a few attempts to find the ideal line on the test track at the Porsche plant in Leipzig, the driver's pulse is racing. It is a bit repetitive to lose yourself there with an SUV - even if it is a Porsche. But the joy of so much irrationality prevails - as well as the horror of the basic price of 115,526 euros.


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