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Porsche Cayenne Coupé in the configurator

Porsche Cayenne Coupé configured
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With a basic price of 83,711 euros, the 340 HP Coupé entry-level model is exact 8,883 euros more expensive than the variant with a conventional body shape. Instead, there is more elegance and a more sporty look, but also a little less utility. Because like our C rear of the Cayenne Coupé shows, the trunk is a little smaller and the space for the passengers a little more limited. So does the customer only pay for the chic, dynamic shape? Yes and no.

Let's first take a look at the standard equipment of the Cayenne Coupé: The new Porsche rolls off the production line with 20-inch wheels. The base of the normal Cayenne starts a number smaller, for 20-inch models at least 1,559 euros are due. With the Coupé, a panoramic glass roof and the Alcantara headliner are also included as standard, which would add up to an extra 3,677 euros for the Cayenne. If the special items mentioned should be on board anyway, the coupé surcharge shrinks to 3,647 euros - a manageable penny for Porsche standards, especially since the coupé is still exclusively equipped with an active rear wing and 8-way sports seats as standard.

With the Cayenne Coupé, Porsche is already opting for even more sportiness ex works. Let's see what else the configurator has to offer in this regard.

Exclusive lightweight package for the Coupé

The most important unique selling point in the special equipment of the Coupé models costs 13,209 euros extra is called the “lightweight sports package”. If you tick the box here, you get the Cayenne Coupé with a carbon roof, 22-inch GT wheels and partial leather upholstery with a plaid seat center panel in fabric. The package also includes the content from the sport design package and the carbon package for the interior - both of which primarily enhance the look and are also available individually for the normal Cayenne. The roof, the rims and the seat covers are only available for the Coupé.

With the lightweight sports package, the Cayenne Coupé gets a carbon roof.

Otherwise, only minor differences can be seen in the configurators of the two models - for example in the reduced range of exterior colors, wheels and leather variants for the coupé. As a small compensation, there is a “design selector lever” for 821.10 euros, which again is not available for the Cayenne.

The fact that the basic price at Porsche can quickly be driven to dizzying heights with a little special equipment is likely be known. The Cayenne Coupé is no exception. If you want to take the subject of sportiness to the extreme, you must check the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), the chassis system for active roll stabilization. However, this is only available in conjunction with adaptive air suspension. That adds up to an extra 5,409 euros. The rear-axle steering brings additional agility and a further 2,047 euros to the bill. The sports exhaust system (2,844 euros) and the ceramic brake system (8,937 euros) are of course also on board. With the special coupé color lava orange, the new SUV is already 30,000 euros more expensive than at the start of our configuration orgy.

Comfort extras for up to 20,000 euros

A number of comfort extras follow like the LED matrix headlights (maximum 2,422 euros), the comfort access (1,155 euros) or the Porsche Inno-Drive assistance package with intelligent adaptive cruise control (3,070 euros). The night vision assistant (2,216 euros) and a head-up display (1,464 euros) would also increase security. If you take everything with you, the price increases by a further 13,000 euros. If all sorts of 'little things' like a heated windscreen, heated seats, ambient lighting, 4-zone automatic air conditioning and the aforementioned design selector lever on board are added, up to 7,000 euros are added. However, we have to do without a massage function, seat ventilation and steering wheel heating, as these options cannot be combined with the lightweight sports package.

You can invest up to almost 8,000 euros in audio and communication extras The Burmester Surround Sound System already costs just under 6,000 euros. The coupé can now be optically enhanced with a few small, but still sinfully expensive extras, such as the Porsche crest on the headrests of the seats (plus 450 euros) or the Alcantara-covered handles (774 euros). All extras that are also available for the normal Cayenne.


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